Important things to know about the relationship between human resources departments and reporting sexual harassment

Laredo, TX – Much of the important work regarding sexual harassment rules and enforcement in a company is handled by a human resources department. Ideally, these departments should work to protect employees and create policies and rules that limit the chances for harassment to happen. However, a person who has reported harassment and has not received relief from their employer has the right to contact an attorney and explore the possibility of a lawsuit against their workplace. Employers often have special types of insurance to protect against the costs of harassment. 

HR departments should assume the person is being truthful and take the allegations seriously

Any reputable company that has a human resources department should understand that sexual harassment is a serious problem and victims should be protected. The best ways of protecting victims include making sure their complaints are heard and acted upon, and that the department should act quickly to resolve the issue and ensure that no further harassment occurs. Workers should also know where they can go with complaints, which is usually a neutral designated person within the human resources department. 

Human resources has the power to investigate

A human resources department will usually be given special powers within a company to investigate complaints of harassment and take actions such as disciplining anyone who is responsible. This can include interviewing the people involved, reviewing surveillance, looking at other types of evidence, and making conclusions based on the findings. A company that does not thoroughly investigate allegations of harassment and attempt to resolve the situation is likely to have to deal with lawsuits due to their failure to act. 

Ensuring that the company has a clear harassment policy

Most companies will have their sexual harassment policies and training handled by human resources. This can include creating a policy based on the formal legal definition of harassment, having the authority to enforce the policy, and providing education and training to workers to ensure that they know how to detect and report harassment.  The training should be mandatory and not optional for both new hires and continuing workers. Both the policies and relevant training protocols should be updated as the company needs and harassment laws change over time. 

Sexual harassment lawyers in Texas

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