Filing a complaint after facing sexual harassment is an integral step that every victim should take if they want to ascertain they are no longer abused. However, a person should make sure they file their complaint properly if they want to maximize their chances of being heard and protected from their abuse.

If a person is harassed in their workplace, they must inform their employer about what happened.

They should make sure the following factors are emphasized in their complaint:

  • Details of the abuser’s behavior
  • Details of any remarks or actions carried out by the abuser
  • Details of the measures a person has taken themselves to try and prevent the harassment

A person must make sure they provide enough details to their employer to make it clear that they are being sexually harassed. Since the nature of the crime is not something that is typically spoken about, victims often feel like not speaking directly or they may feel the need to sugar coat their words so it does not sound like a direct accusation, but this should be avoided.

If a person is being abused, they should speak out about it clearly, however difficult that may be, so they can get their needed security and so they can prevent the abuse from occurring to other employees. The sooner a person speaks out, the better. A person should make sure to keep any correspondence with their management regarding the abuse safe and they should also save any other proof to show the abuse occurred and they tried everything they could to stop it.

Employers are required to investigate sexual harassment claims in California

After a person files a harassment claim, employers are required to make sure they follow through with the claim and they also must make sure they take the necessary precautions to prevent the abuse from occurring again in the future. Ideally, employers should provide some form of training to their staff to let them know that harassment of any sort will not be tolerated in the workplace and that anyone who abuses another will be penalized for their actions.

If a person files a complaint with their management, but they get no response then they will need the help of a sexual harassment attorney to help them defend their rights in the workplace, so they are not taken advantage of in any way.

Speak with an attorney who specializes in dealing with sexual harassment cases as early on as possible to prevent the abuse from continuing.

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