Detroit, MI– Controversial rap group, Insane Clown Posse, is being sued by former publicist who says she was sexually harassed and bullied by members of the group and employees of their record label. But really with songs entitled “Bitches” and “Hate Her to Death,” along with fans that call themselves Juggalos, are you surprised?

In her 17-page lawsuit, Andrea Pelligrini, 32, details a number of incidents were she encountered sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and bullying during her three years working for ICP and Pyschopathic Records. Pelligrini, who is an attorney, also alleges she was asked to do unethical and illegal acts for publicity.

The complaint filed Monday in the Oakland Circuit Court; Pelligrini said she endured “constant and pervasive harassment” from ICP members Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, the band’s manager William Dale, and label employee Dan Diamond, known as “Dirty Dan while employed at Psychopathic.

The complaint, which can be viewed here, lists several dozen complaints and states that Dale repeatedly called her a “bitch” and mocked her in front of other employees.

In one incident, when Diamond and Pelligrini were traveling in the same vehicle to a lunch meeting, Diamond began making crude sexual comments, referring to his “fat cock,” told her he wanted to “f*ck her” and began acting aggressively towards her. She staved off his advances by telling him she had a boyfriend.

After that incident, Diamond noticed that Pelligrini had changed her Facebook status from “in a relationship” to “single” and presented her with a gift, which she tried to refuse. He told her it was expensive and she needed it now that she was single. The gift was a clear dildo and, the suit states it made her feel “violated” and “uncomfortable.”

In addition to the dildo, “Dirty Dan” also gave Pelligrini and two other female staff members “vaginal tighteners.”

Pelligrini reported the dildo incident to Dale, but she alleges he took no action.

She was also forced to attend the “The Gathering of Juggalos,” a yearly event which she described as a “living hell,” where she was lodged with one of the employees who called her a bitch, and was forced to use a public bathroom full of nude men although she was allowed to the private facilities the day before.

After the “Gathering” Diamond continued his relentless sexual pursuit and Pelligrini was still being bullied by her coworkers, who called her “bitch” and “cunt.” She was also told once that the record label should have less women on staff because “they create drama.”

As a law graduate, in addition to her publicist duties, Pelligrini was asked to do legal work. She claims she was asked to do illegal and unethical things like breach client privilege for publicity and sign off on a trademark without the artist’s permission.

Pelligrini alleges she was fired for complaining about the repeated harassment and is suing for wrongful termination, harassment, retaliation, and infliction of emotional distress.

Her attorney, Jonathan Marko is seeking a “substantial amount” for the harassment which he alleges “devastated her life,” according to the Detroit Free Press. He said she was an “optimist” who though things would improve so she allowed the bullying and harassment to persist.

The attorney representing the group and Psychopathic records said the allegations were untrue, and Pelligrini was fired for her lackluster performance.