New York, NY- After a 6-month-long investigation, a report on Canadian Broadcast Corporation and popular radio host Jian Ghomeshi  found that not only was did he “create an intimidating, humiliating, hostile or offensive work environment,” but management at CBC actually excused his behavior.

Last fall, the CBC fired Ghomeshi after learning that he physically assaulted three women during sexual encounters with the radio host. The women allege that during sexual encounters with the radio host Ghomeshi struck them with a closed fist and open hand, choked them, and covered their mouth and nose making it difficult for them to breathe. He verbally berated them after sex and did all of those things against their will, the Star reported.

Those allegations compelled the CBC to fire Ghomeshi, but an independent investigation revealed that management “coddled” their star and ignored many incidents of sexual harassment. Those allegations include making inappropriate comments about his coworkers’ appearance, gave coworkers unsolicited back and shoulder massages, made unwanted sexual contact.

The report also found that he share details about this sexual life and fantasies with male and female employees, according to the Washington Post.

The CBC hired a sexual harassment attorney to conduct and independent investigation. The investigator  pointed out that “host culture” was prevalent at the CBC and allowed Ghomeshi’s to get away with his inappropriate behavior. In spite of repeated complaints and  inappropriate behaviors, there were no repercussions for his behavior and CBC did not fire Ghomeshi until allegations against him went public, the Washington Post reported.

Turning a blind eye sexual harassment because an employee is valuable may seem like a savvy financial decision, but it is a big mistake. In reality, unchecked sexual harassment can only get worse and in the long run can cost an employer dearly if they are hit with a sexual harassment suit.

Unfortunately, the CBC’s willingness to ignore hostile environment created by Ghomeshi is not unusual and happens in a variety of workplaces. There are far too many workplaces willing to ignore harassment for the sake of an employee they consider valuable and sexual harassment is allowed to persist.

Under U.S. law, sexual harassment victims can seek compensation for any past and future lost wages, emotional distress caused by the harassing behavior and retaliation. With the help of an Iowa sexual harassment attorney, an individual subjected to a hostile work environment can seek and be awarded significant financial compensation.

If you are experiencing harassment at work, but are afraid to file a formal complaint, you should contact a sexual harassment attorney immediately. They can inform you of your rights and guide you through the process of filing a formal complaint. Having the backing of an attorney can give you the strength necessary to speak up about your harassment and make certain an employer takes responsibility for allowing the misconduct to persist.

You should and don’t have to tolerate sexual harassment or other equally hostile behaviors in the workplace. By reporting this behavior to your employer and contacting a sexual harassment attorney you can make your workplace less toxic for future employees.