Is any kind of sexual conduct permitted in workplaces in Denton?

Denton, TX – Businesses in Texas and other states need to be aware of potential problems caused by sexual harassment among workers. Most workplaces will have some kind of sexual harassment policy that clearly defines what is prohibited in the workspace and how people who are victims of harassment can get help. Depending on the business in question, there may be additional rules that are meant to minimize and prevent the possibility of a hostile work environment and sexual harassment lawsuits. Anyone who feels that they are being mistreated at work and the employer may be allowing sexual harassment to happen can get legal advice from a licensed attorney. 

Restrictions on dating

While it is not technically illegal for dating to occur among coworkers and even their bosses, many workplaces choose to prohibit this kind of behavior. There may be accusations of favoritism if someone is dating their boss, and others who have relationships that end may have difficulty working together in the future because of their past problems. Generally, employers have tried to discourage romantic involvement among their workers, although this is not always easy to enforce or control in practice. It is also possible that these kinds of situations can turn into legally actionable harassment.  

Physical contact

Any kind of non-consensual physical contact can potentially be used as evidence of sexual harassment. In serious cases, this may also be used as grounds for criminal charges against the person responsible. Anyone who feels that they have been assaulted or subjected to other forms of unwanted physical touching or contact should notify their employer or call the police if necessary. 

Hostile work environments

In many occupations, there may be some level of sexual conversations or insults that happen. While this may be inappropriate for most workplaces, it is important to realize when these kinds of behaviors cross the line into sexual harassment. If a person experiences consistent verbal abuse because of their gender or sexual and it affects their ability to work as normal, this is considered a hostile work environment, which is a form of sexual harassment. The employer can be implicated in a sexual harassment lawsuit for allowing this kind of behavior to take place, especially if it was reported in the past. 

Labor attorneys in Texas can help

Moore and Associates is a law firm that handles labor law issues such as unpaid wages, overtime law, sexual harassment, and discrimination. People in Denton and other parts of Texas can contact their attorneys to schedule a meeting. 

USAttorneys.com is a site that lists legal professionals in every state around the country. People who are currently searching for a lawyer can call 800-672-3103 for assistance. 

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