Is changing an employee’s recorded hours considered wage theft in North Richland Hills?

North Richland Hills, TX – All workers are entitled to be paid for each hour worked at their jobs. The employer is not legally allowed to make excuses regarding reasons why some hours should be paid and others should not. 

One practice that confuses some workers is when the employer changes pay records after the worker has already logged their hours. Employers are generally not allowed to do this for a number of reasons. There are also remedies for workers who believe that they have not been paid properly. 

Keeping accurate records

Even though the form may vary depending on the workplace, all employers are required to keep some kind of complete and accurate records of a worker’s hours and wages. If the records are not present or have been altered, the workplace can be fined during an investigation into unpaid wages. To avoid problems, workers should also try to get into the habit of keeping their own basic records of their hours, potential overtime, and gross pay. 

Administrative errors

The employer is allowed to correct legitimate errors to ensure that the worker is receiving their accurate pay. These situations are one time when the employer is allowed to change a worker’s hours after they have worked. If the hours are changed for any other reason, especially to avoid paying overtime wages, this is illegal. 

Remedies for wage theft

The employee can bring the issue to their employer’s attention if it appears that their time and wages have been altered by a person in the company’s payroll or human resources department. If this is not successful in correcting the problem, the worker can file an unpaid wage claim with either the Texas Workforce Commission or the federal Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division. The agency will contact the employer and conduct its own investigation. They may award the worker their outstanding wages or take actions against the employer depending on their findings. The employee can also retain a lawyer for help at any point during these processes. 

If the worker has reported unpaid wages, missing overtime, or any other similar issues to protect their rights, the employer is absolutely not allowed to retaliate or they can face additional consequences. This can include terminating the worker’s position, taking additional pay, or any other adverse actions that affect the worker’s normal job duties. 

Help from a local employment firm

There are lawyers available to help anyone who has had issues with unpaid wages, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other labor law problems. Moore and Associates is a respected employment law firm that works with clients in North Richland Hills and other parts of Texas. 

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