Is pay discrimination in San Angelo a form of sexual harassment?

San Angelo, TX – It is possible that workers may experience various forms of unfair treatment in the workplace. Pay discrimination and sexual harassment two issues that are treated as separate legal doctrines, although a worker can potentially bring a lawsuit for either type of problem. There are labor attorneys in Texas who can give additional information about sexual harassment, illegal pay practices, and related matters. 

What counts as sexual harassment?

The formal definition of a harassment is unfair treatment that is based on gender or sex. When a person wants to take legal action for sexual harassment, they will need to either prove that they were subjected to a hostile work environment because of their gender or sex, or a person in a position of authority requested some kind of sexual conduct in exchange for employment, benefits, or to avoid some kind of discipline. Generally speaking, a company can attempt to avoid liability for sexual harassment by correcting the situation as soon as it is reported by a victim or third party. If the company has notice of the illegal behavior, yet allows it to continue, this can be used against the defendant business in a lawsuit.

What is pay discrimination?

When there is substantial evidence that a worker is not paid as much as their coworkers in a similar situation due to a protected characteristic like gender or race, this is pay discrimination. Various federal laws, such as the Equal Pay Act and the Civil Rights Act cover these situations. There have been known systemic problems in American workplaces for decades where women do not tend to receive the same pay as work done by men in similar or the same roles. The discrepancies between workers do not necessarily have to be for the exact same job, but jobs that require comparable levels of skill and responsibility. 

If an employer is liable for pay discrimination, remedies for the victim can include past unpaid wages, damages for the person’s specific losses, punitive damages to punish the company, and re-hiring the person into the same or a comparable position if they had lost their job. 

More information about sexual harassment lawsuits in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor law practice that handles issues related to unpaid wages and overtime, sexual harassment, and discrimination for clients in the San Angelo area. People who are in a dispute with their employer can schedule a meeting with their attorneys for advice. 

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