Is physical abuse part of sexual harassment lawsuits in Frisco?

Frisco, TXSexual harassment laws cover various kinds of behaviors that are illegal in workplaces. The most common reasons to bring a case are abuse by a person’s boss or supervisor, or a hostile work environment that is based on the victim’s gender. As a general rule, physical abuse can be part of sexual harassment cases, although it is not required and many cases are based on other kinds of mistreatment. If the person responsible for the harassment has also committed unwanted acts of physical contact, it is possible that they can face criminal consequences as well. 

Criminal charges

If there is any kind of physical assault or other similar crimes of a sexual nature, the victim should report the incident to both their employer and the local police. The person responsible may face disciplinary actions or termination from the employer, and they may also be arrested and prosecuted by the local government. If a civil lawsuit for compensation also needs to be filed, information obtained during the reporting and investigation may also be relevant in the civil case for compensation against the employer.

Harassment cases against superiors in a workplace

A common type of sexual harassment is when a person’s supervisor or others in positions of authority ask for various kinds of sexual conduct in exhcange for benefits, raises, or to avoid termination. When this kind of behavior happens it can be reported immediately and this will generally be grounds for a lawsuit or other actions. If there are also any kinds of physical acts or touching that accompany these kinds of illegal demands, the situation has become much more serious and the person should notify their employer and get legal advice immediately.  

Hostile work environments in Texas

Another type of harassment in workplaces is known as a hostile work environment. For a person to prove that they were subjected to a hostile work environment, they must show some kind of mistreatment that was pervasive enough to affect their ability to work. This is normally through constant verbal harassment such as inappropriate joking, threats, insults, and other kinds of mistreatment through words also. However, the hostile work environment may possibly include unwanted physical contact in some cases as well.  

Sexual harassment lawyers in Frisco

Moore and Associates is a firm that helps people with unpaid wages, overtime law, discrimination cases, and sexual harassment in Frisco and other parts of Texas. Their lawyers focus on helping people bring labor lawsuits against their employers.

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