New York, NY– The future of long-time Chairman and CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes, is unknown after he was named in a sexual harassment suit earlier this, and several women subsequently came forward with additional allegations, including one of the network’s most-watched anchors Megyn Kelly. Those revelations could mean the end for Ailes, but his fate is still a matter of speculation though some sources say he will soon be gone.

As USAttorneys previously reported, on July 6th, Gretchen Carlson, a former anchor, and Fox News co-host–which has become the echo chamber of the Republican Party—filed a sexual harassment claim accusing Roger Ailes of making sexual overtures and firing her because she refused to have a sexual relationship with him. Carlson laid on a history of troubling behaviors inflicted on her during her tenure at Fox News and soon afterward several other women who said he harassed in a previous job.

New York magazine reported Monday that Kelly spoke with investigators hired by the network and said Ailes also subjected her to sexually inappropriate behavior. Some reports indicate it may have been only one incident, but it does demonstrate Ailes has a pattern of sexually inappropriate behavior.

Ailes denies Carlson’s allegations, and Fox said he was at work, according to NPR.

At this point, Ailes, though devoted to the Murdoch empire for nearly 20 years, could be on his way out and some sources say that may be tied to testimony for Kelly. NPR reported on a source says that Rupert Murdoch and his family are in talks with Ailes to discuss his departure.

The allegations against Ailes were shocking, though critics of the Fox stated that they weren’t surprised to hear them considering some of the sexually-charged comments you hear on the network. With the Republican National Convention dominating the airwaves, Ailes, and his possible firing is not getting as much attention as it might in a different news cycle.

There are parallels between Carlson’s allegations and many other incidents of sexual harassment all across New York. Like many men and women, Carlson tolerated the abuse for years, tried to address the problem directly with the harasser and was then fired for standing up for themselves.

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