Philadelphia, PA– A sexual harassment complaint and ensuing lawsuit—if a victim’s claim is legitimate—can be costly and time-consuming for an employer. That is why it is critical an employer take steps to keep the workplace from becoming a hostile work environment. One of those steps is to train employees how to identify and curtail any sexual harassment they encounter.

Generally, sexual harassment training consists of videos that present certain scenarios an employee may encounter and classify those encounters as appropriate or inappropriate. They point is to show employees examples of behaviors that can be viewed as harassment or discrimination. Many companies require their employees conduct this training as new hires and on an annual basis.

It’s hard to believe, but some people really just don’t understand what comments or behaviors are inappropriate and some just don’t care. Some workers misperceive their actions, often thinking that the repeated request for a date or the shoulder rubs are flattering, when in fact their actions make their coworker uncomfortable. Oftentimes, these employees will correct their behavior and the issue never comes up again.

Training can help the employee who may be confused about their behavior understand why it could be wrong and how to avoid discriminating against a coworker. Many people won’t continue their offending behavior if they realize that it wrong and makes their coworkers uncomfortable. Sexual harassment training also informs a victim of the courses of action they can pursue to put an end to their abuse.

The people that training doesn’t work for are the workers who don’t care if their actions are offensive. They may think their inappropriate comments are flattering and those who are offended by are just being overly sensitive. For these individuals, training alone is not enough to stop workplace harassment and discrimination, especially true if an employer is also acting inappropriately by not taking action. No amount of training will stop some employees from harassing another if there are no consequences for their behavior. However, training along with action from an employer could keep a workplace from becoming a hostile place.

If your employer is not taking action to stop harassment or discrimination in your workplace, USAttorneys recommends you contact one of our sexual harassment lawyers in Philadelphia to discuss your case and decide what your next moves should be. By taking a stand you can protect yourself and other employees from facing harassment or discrimination.

Our team of employment law attorneys in Pennsylvania know what sexual harassment victims go through. They are often ostracized and face retaliation from their bosses and coworkers alike. Victims of sexual harassment who complain may be denied benefits or fired from their jobs just because they stood up for themselves. This isn’t right and it’s not legal and you don’t have to stand for it! Contact one of our sexual harassment lawyers to see if you should pursue a civil suit.