Issues with sexual harassment in Texas can affect a worker’s pay and income

Houston, TXSexual harassment has become an issue that is known to affect equal and proper payment in various ways. This is true both in terms of the gender pay gap, and more direct pay issues such as withholding overtime and promotions from the victim. These issues may not always be obvious if the effects are indirect, such as a worker choosing to eventually leave a job due to mistreatment, or minor issues with unpaid wages such as not receiving overtime or taking on additional responsibilities without a comparable salary increase. Regardless of the situation, victims of harassment or wage theft should get legal help and go through the formal process to report these problems. 

Employer retaliation

Employers sometimes retaliate against workers who do not respond to their advances or report illegal conduct in the workplace. Victims can often start to become ostracized and have things like their job duties, benefits, and bonuses affected negatively. 

If a worker becomes a victim, it is possible that the employer may retaliate with things like reduced pay, unpaid wages, and unpaid overtime. Some workers are even terminated for pretextual reasons such as negative performance reviews as another form of retaliation. All of these actions are illegal and can result in lawsuits. 

Women leaving certain fields due to harassment

A number of issues related to harassment may also push women out of certain fields altogether. Hostile work environments, harassment that continues without resolution, and the stress associated with these problems can cause women to leave these jobs or entire career fields if they feel that they are not treated fairly or given a chance to succeed. Some workers have also found that the additional pressure is not worth it, and they take lower paying jobs and sacrifice high paying careers rather than deal with potential harassment and related stressors. This can have a huge impact on earnings over the course of a worker’s career. 

The gender wage gap

The gender wage gap has gained a lot of attention due to the fact that female workers seem to always end up making less than their male counterparts for comparable work. This may be partially due to sexual harassment indirectly creating issues that cause women to leave jobs, lose out on raises and salary increases, and be forced into lower paying positions by their superiors. 

Experienced employment firms are available

Victims of sexual harassment or those who have not been paid properly by their employer can meet with an employment attorney to discuss their situation. Moore and Associates is a trusted firm in Houston that assists clients with these issues and various other labor law situations. 

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