Jeff Anderson Goes after Rapists

Minnesota’s Jeff Anderson is a sexual harassment attorney who is single-handedly fighting the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Is he anti-Catholic? Could be and no one knows why but he has been focused on locking up a rapist priest and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, Anderson’s sustained efforts have resulted in the Archdiocese in this city coming close to bankruptcy, according to a Daily Beast report.

There are rapist truck drivers, P/E teachers, retail managers, shoe salesman – there are rapists in all professions.

It all started 32 years ago when a client approached Anderson and confided in him. What he told Anderson that day was, at the time, unprecedented. He detailed how he had been forcefully made to engage in sexual activities with the priest during his childhood. The victim’s identify has been withheld for privacy concerns and he will be referred to by a pseudo name, “Greg”.

Greg pointed accusations at Father Thomas Adamson. As it so happens, Adamson has since pleaded guilty to having rampantly sexually abused minors throughout his 30-year “holy” career. Greg, who was understandably tormented by the experience did not know who to approach. He could not talk to his orthodox family and obviously could not go to the church itself. He did not want to take the matter to the police in fear of being ridiculed (especially as such a thing was unheard of at the time). Therefore, he turned to Anderson for comfort and to avenge the wrong that had happened to him.

“Greg” wasn’t the only one

Anderson did not let down Greg or the other several clients that approached him, all complaining of being sexually harassed by one priest at the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. In fact, Anderson focused all his time and efforts into bringing down this pedophile.

It is extremely sad since so much money donated to the Catholic Church in this city is used for charitable purposes just like any other Catholic church does for any city or any community. In fact, the Catholic Church kept Western Europe together during the Middle Ages and was the only literate organization for five centuries. Some people believe without the Catholic Church, Europe would be Islamic and history would have a different story to tell.

Rather, and furthermore, than use this money to feed the homeless or help out people in need they chose to pay attorneys to defend a terrible priest and perhaps two priests that should have been charged with the death penalty.

Now this church is almost bankrupt in this city and homeless people, people in need, battered mothers, families that are destitute that would have normally been helped by the church over the years have been left to freeze in the cold wind.

But one of Anderson’s greatest and most effective accomplishments till date has to be the fact that he was able to persuade state legislators into passing the Minnesota Child Victims Act. Essentially, the bill made an exception for cases where minors had been sexually abused. It removed the statute of limitations clause for such cases, allowing claims to be filed even decades after the alleged harassment. This is something that the sexual harassment attorneys on the site USAttorneys.com are absolutely proud of.

York County tightens up sexual harassment policies

According to the county’s top sexual harassment attorneys, York County officials are currently deliberating a revision of their sexual harassment policies and are expected to make them more stringent. The decision is the aftermath of the resignation of one of the County’s experienced employees amidst sexual harassment complaints against him from other colleagues, as reported by Herald Online.

Sexual harassment the main target

Most people believe that it is the right time for a change. The last time the policy was revised was 22 years ago. It is expected that one of the major changes in the wording of the law is basically to make it very clear that the County will not tolerate sexual harassment in any manner or form.