Atlanta, GA- Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was hit with a $25 million sexual harassment lawsuit last week by a woman named Samantha Schacher, but the pro-athlete says the lawsuit it a hoax which seems legit since the allegations in the suit are pretty preposterous.

The lawsuit accuses Manziel of sending Schacher pictures of his penis; one with his member nestled in a hot dog bun. It also makes reference to Manziel’s small penis and alleges that he told the defendant he would get an enlargement when he went pro. Also, the suit says Manziel received a nude pic of “Jurderon” Clowney, which he forwarded to the plaintiff asking her if she could handle Clowney’s penis. It also alleges Manziel refers to his penis as his “Vienna Sausage.” Whoever filed the suit seems to be preoccupied with Manziel’s penis size; wonder if he has grounds to file a sexual harassment suit?

You can read the suit here.

The “plaintiff” alleges that the Manziel’s harassment gave her nightmares, causing her embarrassment and humiliation so she is seeking $25 million in damages.

The lawsuit was filed in Florida, but lists an Atlanta address—CNN’s headquarters to be precise. The plaintiff was identified as Samantha Schacher, which is presumed to be an alias. The real Samantha Schacher is a journalist who co-hosts Dr. Drew on HLN. By the way, he is named in the suit, which alleges Manziel harassed Shacher about having a three-way with Dr. Drew.

Manziel’s agent Erik Burkhardt released a statement via Twitter, “This joke “lawsuit” is obviously 1000000% fake and/ or frivolous. Embarrassing I even have say this after reading the nonsense.”

Shacher also said the lawsuit was bogus. NFL reporter, Ian Rapoport got in touch with the court clerk who told him the person filing the suit is a “frequent filer.”  A similar suit in Florida

We know Americans are very litigious, but one has to wonder how people get away with filing suits like this. It’s a waste of the court’s time and disrespectful to Manziel, Schacher, along with thousands of men and women who are sexually harassed every day.

Sexual harassment is not a joke, it is a serious problem in the workplace and making light of the issue does nothing to help curtail it. People who harassed struggle to have their claims taken seriously as it is without some idiot running around and filing frivolous sexual harassment lawsuits.

Most sexual harassment victims have legitimate claims and they retain sexual harassment attorneys to put an end to their repeated harassment. Far more sexual harassment claims are legitimate than are frivolous. A person subjected to this type of misconduct can experience extreme distress and often face retaliation if they speak up.

Any persons subjected to sexual harassment should contact an Atlanta sexual harassment attorney to advise them on how to stop their harassment, and how to seek compensation for the adverse effects the harassment has had on their mental and physical well-being.