Former employee files lawsuit against supervisor

The Woodford campus of the Methodist home, a treatment facility for children removed from their homes, faces a sexual harassment lawsuit. Gerrica Morton, a former employee of Kentucky United Methodist Homes for Children & Youth, filed the lawsuit against her supervisor, William Earl Washington.

Morton alleges in the lawsuit, which she seeks compensation for damages, that her supervisor, Washington, sexually harassed her in the workplace and retaliated when she rejected his sexual advances.

She was named the staff person of the year in 2010, according to the suit and she had consistently received accolades her job performance since she was hired as case manager in February of 2010.

However, Washington told her in September of 2011, that he had developed ‘awkward’ feelings for her, which Morton reported to human resources in December. Soon after her complaint, Washington started to create more problems, and accused Morton of hacking into his computer to see his emails and making derogatory statements.

Morton once again reported the harassment to human resources and to Washington’s supervisors. In her complaint she stated that he continued to sexually harass her and engaged in unlawful retaliatory actions.

Fired for unprofessionalism?

She was fired in November 2012 for lack of professionalism and for hacking into Washington’s computer, according to the lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the Methodist home failed to conduct a proper investigation into Morton’s allegations. If they are wrong here, they will have to hand over Morton a nice paycheck.

Former police officer alleges discrimination and harassment

Discrimination on the basis of gender and sexual harassment are the alleged reasons for a lawsuit filed by a former Clay Twp. police officer. The former auxiliary officer, Tina Silvers, filed the suit in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, against Clay Twp. police Chief John Van Gundy, Officer Anthony Scott. Others included as defendants are either current or former township trustees that include Dave Vore, Steve Denlinger, and Steve Woolf among others.

Silvers said in the suit that she had to work in a sexually hostile environment between Oct. 2012 and Sept. 2013. The suit which was filed in the first week of January has not been officially served since Silver’s sexual harassment attorney was ordered by the judge to amend the complaint or defendants’ list.

Everything from referring to Silver’s anatomy, her menstruation and even the size of her underwear were made by Van Gundy and Scott, according to the lawsuit. However, investigator Beatrice Sanchez’s Ohio Civil Rights Commission letter of determination did not find any probable cause of the plaintiff’s sexual harassment charges.

Silvers is criticized

Former Clay Twp. Public Safety Director John Simmons’ affidavit was part of the letter of determination. Simmons said in his affidavit that Silvers had poor decision making ability and did not complete assignments.  Simmons alleges that she made excuses and lacked dedication and ambition.

Someone is not telling the truth here.


The affidavit also describes the incident where Scott was disciplined for yelling at Silvers during an accident in Brookville, in 2013. Scott was demoted and was placed on one year probation―that must have been some serious yelling. In addition and because of this, he was ordered to undergo anger management and sensitivity training. Who paid for those classes? Tax payers?