Louisville, KY– A Louisville-based restaurant chain has been hit with a federal sexual harassment suit, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported.

The suit alleges that women working for one of Indi’s fast food were subjected to repeated sexual harassment. In the suit, the EEOC alleges that a manager at one of the restaurant’s Louisville location’s made inappropriate comments, touched employees in a sexual manner and asked for sexual favors.

A press release from the EEOC states that management for Indi’s failed to address the harassment even though it was “blatant and pervasive.” The women informed managers about the harassment, but they did nothing to remedy the situation.

“No employee should have to endure severe or pervasive sexual harassment in order to earn a living,” said EEOC Indianapolis District Office Regional Attorney Laurie Young.

The EEOC’s lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages.

Such cases are common and have the same elements in common. A person in a position of power subjects a subordinate employ to inappropriate behavior. It is ignored and the target of the harassment has no other choice but to seek legal help either from the EEOC or a private sexual harassment attorney to put an end to the harassment. This is especially true in the restaurant industry.

In a study from last year, the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC) spoke to 5,000 restaurant employees about their experiences with sexual harassment. Ninety percent of female respondents said they had been subjected to sexual harassment. That’s a large number of restaurant workers facing repeated harassment which overtime can wear away at person’s mental well-being. But women in the restaurant industry are not the only victims. Male restaurant employees, at least half, also experienced sexual harassment according to the study.

As a matter of fact a large fraction, 37 percent, of the sexual harassment complaints received by the EEOC originate from the restaurant industry. This is due in part to what the ROC said is a casual attitude and “normalization” of sexual harassment throughout the industry.

In most cases, a complaint of sexual harassment doesn’t have to end up in conciliation or the court room. All an employer has to do is investigate and if the allegations are true address the matter. By acknowledging a complaint and taking the appropriate actions, an employer can end the workplace abuse and put the matter behind them. Sadly, far too many employers ignore the issue, they ignore the hostile environment because they don’t take harassment seriously. They give the harassment victims no other choice than to seek an outside help.

Most people spend much of their lives in the workplace and they shouldn’t have to be face abuse every day they go to work. If you are facing sexual harassment, USAttorneys urges you to contact a sexual harassment attorney near your Kentucky location to see what steps you need to take to end workplace abuse. They will help you through the reporting process and pursue compensation on your behalf.