Lexington, KY– The Kentucky legislature can put the sexual harassment case involving former state legislator John Arnold.

Attorneys representing the Legislative Research Commission and Arnold’s three accusers announced Tuesday they have agreed to a settlement which will put to end the sexual harassment saga that began on 2013. Neither party wanted to discuss the details of the settlement, according to Kentucky.com, but the sexual harassment attorney for the three victims said they “reached a mutually satisfactory resolution.”

The LRC and the victims were able to resolve this case through mediation— many civil issues, from divorce to workplace discrimination are settled through mediation. This is a legal process in which all the parties involved, their sexual harassment attorneys and a neutral third party meet to discuss the terms of a settlement. Mediation has numerous advantages; it is less expensive and the proceedings are kept private.

Two of Arnold’s accusers also filed a lawsuit against the Legislative Research Commission. One of the women claim that she was demoted when she came forward, alleging that she witnessed Rep. Will Coursey, (D-Symsonia) sexually harass female staffers. The other woman also believes she was given an inferior position because filed a formal harassment complaint.

Arnold’s three accusers first came forward in October of 2013 and accused the lawmaker creating a hostile work environment. He was accused of making inappropriate comments and soliciting the women. On one occasion he grabbed one of the women by the waist and on another occasion he grabbed one of the women’s panties as she ascended a set of steps at Capitol Annex building. He was also accused of slapping one woman on the buttocks.

As part of the settlement reached with his three accusers Arnold did not have to admit any wrongdoing, according to Kentucky.com.

Arnold had just launched his campaign when the allegations came forward and soon withdrew from the election.

Unless you have experienced sexual harassment personally, it’s hard to understand how much it actually affects the victim. Being repeatedly subjected to sexual harassment day after day after day causes long-term psychological distress. Some people don’t want to go to work every day if they are continuously getting unwanted attention or have to hear crude sexual banter from their coworkers. Sexual harassment is not trivial and doesn’t have to be tolerated.

If you’ve given your employer the chance to resolve your sexual harassment complaint and they have taken no action. Or, retaliated by taking away your benefits, cutting your hours or terminating you, contact a sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible. They can begin investigating your case and working to prove your claims so your case is resolved with a just settlement.

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