It is often taken for granted that those in charge of making the laws always abide by them and are always morally just, a lawsuit filed by three employees of the state reveals that that is not always the case.

Members of the legislature, the democratic lawmakers of Kentucky have reached a settlement, which very likely entails that the money will be coming out of hard-working, tax payers’ pockets. This should not be a surprise. Democrats have now pushed America’s debt passed $18 trillion and have no intention of balancing the budget like Newt Gingrich forced Bill Clinton to do in 1994 which led to a wonderful economy.

Another Democrat mistreating woman

According to The Washington Times, the lawsuit was filed by a sexual harassment attorney representing two workers of the State, namely, Yolanda Costner and Cassaundra Cooper. The lawsuit alleges that the women were subjected to sexual commentary, lewd sexual advances and even inappropriate touching by one legislator in specific, Democratic State Rep. John Arnold. Arnold would not want to deal with the sexual harassment attorneys on the site – they would chew him up.


A third plaintiff in the case has been identified as Nicole Cusic who claims that she reported this behavior to Democratic State Rep. Will Coursey, but instead of being protected against the harassment, she was subjected unfair retaliation for speaking up against the harassment.

The sexual harassment attorney representing the female complainants made a statement confirming that the case had in fact been settled out of court after a mediation session. However, he refused to give out more details regarding the settlement amount and terms. Often, confidentiality agreements are a part of settlement deals and it prevents the recipients from publicly talking about the details.

Also, we need to remember that a settlement does not and cannot be perceived as an admission of guilt. Sometimes settlements are made to avoid expensive legal fees and lengthy court proceedings.

Choir teacher in trouble after failing to monitor students on field trip

Students of Garfield High School were on a field trip and were being supervised by their choir teacher and parent chaperones. The trip did not go as intended and the choir teacher, Carol Burton, and the Seattle Public School’s district are now under the scanner after two female students made complaints that they were repeatedly felt up by another student, a 17-year old male, as reported by

Burton, the choir director, slipped up because she was drinking with parent chaperones and was not keen about enforcing school regulations on the students, which in turn allowed the unmonitored 17-year old male student to abuse the two female students. Burton has already confessed to having been drinking and not being on top of things as she was expected to. However, parents and other persons have backed Burton by saying that she cannot be held responsible for actions of a student who had issues that she was never aware of.

High School Staff was not aware of students past abuse allegations

The school district has come under criticism for the incident. Apparently, the student that abused the two girls was previously thrown out of another school for a similar sexual harassment incident, which as it happens, had also occurred on a field trip. A counsellor on the district board was responsible to ensure that the student had received sufficient counseling and psychiatric evaluation before enrolling him to Garfield High School.

However, the counselor had failed to inform authorities at Garfield High School of the boy’s past incident.