Detroit, MI- Attorneys for the woman who is suing Insane Clown Posse for sexual harassment has subpoenaed Kid Rock, requesting he produce a glass dildo given to him by ICP’s employees, a fellow aptly named “Dirty Dan” Diamond.

So, why do Andrea Pelligrini’s sexual harassment attorneys want the dildo? And what does it have to do with Kid Rock?

Well, among her many allegations, Pelligrini says the dildo was given to her by Diamond after he noticed her Facebook status said she was single. Diamond told her the she needed the dildo, and that it was an expensive gift.

In court testimony, Diamond said the glass dildo was a “work of art,” and that it shouldn’t be considered sexual harassment according to Metrotimes. When Peligrini refused the dildo, Diamond said he gave it to Kid Rock.

Now, Kid Rock has 14 days to respond to the subpoena and turn over the “work of art” dildo.

Even though he says gifting the dildo wasn’t sexual harassment, Diamond admitted to telling Pelligrini he had a “fat cock” and that he “would fuck the shit out of her.” Those comments sound a lot like sexual harassment.

But to win her lawsuit, Pelligrini must be able to prove the harassment was repeated and pervasive and created a hostile work environment, considering the details contained in her 17 page lawsuit, she will probably be able to do that.

In her lawsuit, Pellligrini relates a number of troubling incidents that would make any woman cringe. In addition to the dildo, Diamond gave her and other women in the office “vaginal tighteners.” Even though Pelligrini reported the sexual harassment to her superiors, Diamond’s sexual come-ons continued.

After months of harassment, Pelligrini filed her suit which seeks significant compensation.

You can read more about Pelligrini’s suit here.

Can giving a coworker a dildo or sex toy be considered sexual harassment?

It may seem like a ridiculous question, and it’s unlikely to come up often since most people have enough sense to know you don’t give employees or coworkers dildos, unless they are close friends or you’ve had prior intimate encounters, and you don’t give them the gift at work. But the issue has come up before.

In 2011, a New York woman filed a sexual harassment suit against her boss who gave her a vibrator for her birthday after subjecting her to months of sexual overtures. The women endured comments about her appearance and sex life from her boss for months but the vibrator was the last straw.

Silvia Oliveria told the New York Post that her boss, Ibrahim Mansi, usually gave his employees a cake for their birthday, but he crossed the line with the vibrator. After throwing the sex toy, in the garbage, Oliveria filed a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Giving a coworker a sex toy and making sexually-charged comments may seem like harmless fun, but not all people see it that way.  When a person faces inappropriate behavior at work that makes them feel uncomfortable, they should contact a sexual harassment attorney and see if they have the grounds to file a civil suit. In many situations, this is the only way for a person to stop the misconduct.