Sexual harassment is a type of gender discrimination that is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Typically, it includes unwelcome/offensive sexual overtures/advances, requests for sexual favors and/or verbal or physical behavior of an innately sexual nature.

Discrimination based on sex, color, race, and national origin is deemed illegal by Title VII of federal law. The law to protect citizens against sexual harassment at workplace is long enforced by the above mentioned article. Despite that, many employees all over the country still face workplace sexual harassment in some form or another. This is where Atlantic City, New Jersey sexual harassment lawyers come into the discussion and they know how to handle themselves in a legal street fight.

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Filing an Complaint with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

If you think you have a legitimate Title VII discrimination complaint, you can file it at the EEOC (the federal body responsible for enforcing several anti-discrimination acts). Generally, you have about 180 days from the day you were subjected to the discriminatory act to file a discrimination case with the EEOC.

What does the EEOC do after a Discrimination Complaint is filed?

After a complaint is filed with the EOCC, the federal commission body will notify your employer that a charge has been filed. Subsequently, a full investigation is carried out regarding the complaint. The EEOC will initially try to resolve your complaint or refer both the parties to a third party mediator.


If a mutually agreed settlement is not reached between two parties, the EOCC may go ahead and file a suit in the federal court. Eventually, the EOCC body may simply dismiss the case. The body issues a “right to sue” notice to the complainant in the event that a charge is dismissed or if the EOCC fails to settle the issue between the parties involved. You may request an expedited letter from the body if you wish to file a lawsuit before the EOCC completes its formalities.

Hiring the Right Sexual Harassment Lawyer

There are several legal provisions available for victims of workplace sexual harassment wanting to file a lawsuit. However, many pre requisites to be fulfilled and proven to build a strong prima facie case of sexual harassment and hostile work environment. A stellar Atlantic City, New Jersey sexual harassment attorney will be in a position to determine if a strong case exists based on the merits on the circumstances.

They will be able to advise you on claiming compensation and other valid claims by studying the circumstances of the case thoroughly. Sexual harassment lawyers in Atlantic City and other cities are well-equipped to classify these cases, and file for the right claims. For pivotal employment information along these lines, click right here.

In addition to direct sexual harassment cases, a fantastic and dedicated Atlantic City, New Jersey sexual harassment lawyer can also handle cases of non-directed harassment. This is where a third party, who is not a direct victim/target of the sexual harassment, is harmed as a result of the harassment. A lawyer, who has handled several cases of workplace sexual harassment earlier, can clarify complicated legal provisions for you. They can also help you exercise your legal rights in court if required.