An LA call center has agreed to pay $600,000 in settlement over a sexual harassment case brought by the EEOC over treatment of nine employees. The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission filed the suit in 2014 against VXI Global Solutions over the way nine of its employees were treated.

According to the lawsuit, the female employees were subjected to continued or constant groping and sexual propositions by their male supervisors. The male employees were subjected to unwanted lap dances and physical rubbing by their female supervisors. When they objected they were accused of being gay. Many people are wondering are they? How do you complain about that?

You work in a sexual atmosphere

According to the complaint the supervisors also intimidated and threatened the staff to prevent them from complaining to human resources. Moreover, the employees were unable to complain to human resources because of lack of availability. This has gotten some sexual harassment lawyers perturbed.

The complaint also said that when the supervisors and human resources personnel were ultimately informed, the victims were disciplined and their employment terminated in retaliation.

Apart from paying $600,000 to the nine employees the company has agreed to hire a consultant to train management and employees and ensure that it complies with all federal discrimination laws. The consultant will also ensure that VXI Global creates a centralized tracking system to monitor sexual harassment and retaliation complaints. In addition, the company will also conduct surveys in its Texas and Ohio sites to ensure that sexual harassment is prevented. If any employee is having issues in Texas, press right here. If there is a work place issue in Ohio or a sexual harassment problem, your solution resides here.

The consent decree was filed in the US District Court of Los Angeles.


Big money doled out

In another case Con Edison has agreed to pay $3.8 million to settle sexual harassment claims. The company agreed to the settlement to end a government investigation into allegations that it failed to stop frequent sexual harassment of its female employees. The money will be paid to more than 300 female employees.

The EEOC had begun the investigation in 2007 after receiving complaints that male employees frequently taunted female co-workers. The female workers are also said to have been denied training, promotions, overtime, and given less positive evaluations. The company has said that it does not tolerate work place harassment. According to sexual harassment attorneys, certainly not now.

Need for legal representation

Sexual harassment in the work place can take various forms from sexual innuendoes to intimidation for sexual favors. Workers can also be denied promotions and other benefits on the basis of their gender. When this happens, you can take legal action. However, many people are not sure how to obtain the evidence needed to prove sexual harassment.

One way of doing this is by first retaining the services of an experienced sexual harassment lawyer who can assess all of the evidence and decide on the best way to proceed.

While sexual harassment that occurs in private is difficult to prove, it is much easier to prove if more than one employee was subjected to it and there were witnesses to the harassment. Moreover, employers need to have a mechanism to receive sexual harassment complaints and deal with it effectively. Failure to do so will make them liable for penalties and fines.