The Los Angeles Unified School District and the school’s superintendent, Ramon C. Cortines, face a sexual harassment lawsuit. The suit was filed by Scot Graham, the district manager for the school, after the first attempt to file in 2013 failed because the timeline was missed by his sexual harassment attorneys.

Graham alleges that when he visited Cortines’ ranch in Kern County in 2010, he was sexually abused by the latter. After this visit, Cortines tried to force the plaintiff into inappropriate sexual behavior, according to the lawsuit. Cortines said that both he and Graham engaged in adult behavior that was consensual and that he regretted it.

Take Cortines Retirement Package from Him

Graham confided in his supervisors, who failed to report the matter while General Counsel David Holmquist too told him to forget about the incident. Since Cortines had subsequently retired from the school, the law could not reach him, according to sexual harassment attorneys. After John Deasy the next Supt retired last year, Cortines came back from retirement to his previous post.

The spokesman for Graham, Herndon Graddick, said that Scot was sexually assaulted and harassed by Cortines and that would be enough to kick off an investigation. Graham is currently on medical leave.

The new filing was dismissed as being frivolous by the district, who said that they had handled the original complaint as per their policies. The complaint was an attempt to garner publicity and all allegations against the former or current leader was baseless, according to General Counsel David Holmquist.

Female Officers Sexually Harassed by Sergeant

A female officer has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against a sergeant in the El Cajon Police Department for sending inappropriate text messages and lewd pictures.

One of the insiders said that the sergeant had sent such messages and pictures to many women in the department, including nude pictures of himself. After an internal investigation, the sergeant lost his stripes, according to reports by Team 10.

Jim Redman, El Cajon Police Chief, told Team 10 that this was an internal matter and had been investigated thoroughly by the department. He said that the department did not tolerate such behavior, but declined to comment further. Redman also said that he could ask the District Attorney’s office of San Diego County to review the matter, if he believed anyone in his department was guilty of criminal activity.

Restaurant Owner Sexually Harassed His Employees

The owner of Chinese Chef’s Buffet, Inc. in Miami, Oklahoma has been accused of sexual harassment. The Attorney General of the Oklahoma Office said that Yun Chang, the owner, sexually harassed his employees and retaliated against three of his employees when they objected.

Changwill pay $21,000 to settle the matter, according to Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. Pruitt also said that the prompt action was initiated against Chang by his office to protect the employees and to send out a message that Oklahoma would not tolerate any sexual harassment. Chang would also have to provide training to his employees to prevent discrimination and harassment, according to sexual harassment attorneys.

It seems Chang had to be forcefully corrected since he was not thinking straight.