Lafayette workers should check to see if their employer is complying with wage laws

Lafayette, LA – The government has created certain labor laws and doctrines that are designed to protect workers from unfair treatment, gender discrimination, and improper pay. Both the federal government and Louisiana’s state government have passed a number of regulations related to overtime wages, minimum wage, and proper pay practices. Employers who do not follow these rules properly may be subject to various sanctions, and they will have to give the employee all of their back pay plus other damages. 

Minimum wage laws

The Louisiana legislature has decided to keep the federal minimum wage the same as the state’s minimum, and they further decided that there can be no local variation within the state related to wage laws. This means that all workers should be paid at least $7.25 per hour, and an employer cannot choose to pay lower than this amount. The state made this decision after a finding that uniformity is best for economic stability in the state, and that many businesses would be burdened and retain less employees if they were forced to pay a higher rate. 

Overtime wages

When a worker has logged more than forty hours in their work week, they must be paid at one and one half times their standard rate. There may be some variation as the number of days or time period that is considered a work week can vary by industry practice and custom. Any worker who is confused about their status and eligibility for overtime wages in their profession should speak with an attorney. 

Missing and stolen wages

All employers are required to keep complete and accurate records of all hours worked and pay statements. The workplace also cannot decide to ask for extra favors or work before or after a shift has begun without also paying the person appropriately. In some cases, asking for certain actions in exchange for pay or withholding benefits may be considered harassment. Pay decisions also cannot be made based on someone’s gender, religion, race, or any other protected characteristic. 

Any employee who believes that they have not been paid properly should ask to review their records with their supervisor or human resources department first. If they refuse to correct the issue and wages are legitimately missing, it is necessary to take formal legal action and report their behavior. 

The process to get legal representation and sue a nursing home

Local lawyers assist clients who need to file cases against an employer for discrimination, harassment, unpaid wages, or other illegal workplace behavior. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is an experienced and trusted firm that represents people throughout the state of Louisiana and the Lafayette area. 

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