Lexington, KY- The high-profile sexual harassment case involving former Kentucky state lawmaker John Arnold will be settled through mediation according to reports.

The Louisville Courier Journal reports that all parties have decide to resolve the three complaints filed against Arnold out of court through the process of mediation. Mediation in sexual harassment cases allows all parties to come together and work on resolving a case and arriving at settlement amounts with everyone’s input.

“We’re optimistic it’s going to succeed and we’re looking forward to getting together with all of the parties to resolve our differences,” said Louisville attorney Thomas Clay, the attorney who represents Arnold’s former employees, the Louisville Courier Journal reports.

In 2013, three of Arnold’s former employees came forward and accused their boss of inappropriate, sexually-charged behavior. Cassaundra Cooper, Yolanda Costner and Gloria Morgan accused their former boss of creating a hostile environment and sexual harassment.

One of the women claimed that one day as she was leaving the Capitol Annex building, Arnold caressed her back, moving his hand to her waist. He then asked her to “come out and play” with him, an invitation he extended at least twice only to be rebuffed. After refusing his offers, the woman said Arnold’s demeanor changed and he became angry.

On one occasion, Arnold grabbed one of the women’s panties as she ascended a set of stairs with Arnold in tow. He did that in front of another lawmaker, who made it clear his behavior was inappropriate.

In another incident he allegedly slapped one of the women’s buttocks. All three women said the lawmaker solicited them from sex a repeatedly made inappropriate comments while they worked in his legislative office.

Last fall, an Ethics Committee declined to sanction Arnold.

What’s worse, when the women complained about Arnold’s harassment, the Legislative Research Committee refused to take any action against Arnold. That, unfortunately, is something that happens often in the workplace. Employer let their employees down and do nothing when they are being subjected to harassment or discrimination. This is why employees are allowed to retain a sexual harassment attorney and file a civil suit.

Arnold denies the women’s allegations, but abandoned his legislative campaign when they came forward.

People who have never experienced workplace harassment don’t know how it can affect the victim. Routinely being subjected to this behavior can lead to long-term psychological distress which can cause a person to suffer from depression and anxiety. Contrary to what some people think sexual harassment is not funny or a joke, it can have a very negative impact on the victims.

Employers should not allow their employees to be harassed and certainly shouldn’t dismiss their allegations without conducting an investigation. But they do and that gives their employees the right to pursue civil action. Should you file a sexual harassment complaint and your employer does nothing about USAttorneys can connect you with a sexual harassment attorney in your location so you can determine what course of action to pursue. With legal assistance, a victim can put an end to their harassment and seek compensation for their emotional distress and lost wages.