According to a report, two freshmen from Le Moyne College, Syracuse, were alarmed when they received an email from the college about allegations of a sexual assault on the college campus. Gabrielle Lounsbury and Ashley Loeven say they are part of a family at Le Moyne and were surprised at the email sent out after the victim reported the matter to campus police.

The Vice President of Student Development, Deborah Cady Melzer was quick in announcing that the alleged attacker was no longer a student at the college. The attack is said to have taken place on Dolphy Day, which is one of the social traditions on campus. However, the two freshmen say they still feel comfortable on campus since they have many fellow students around them.

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The email to the students mentions two alleged incidents of sexual misconduct during the past week at a residence hall on the campus. According to the authorities, investigations are ongoing in collobration with local law enforcement and Le Moyne’s Title IX Office.

San Diego State University students stage protests against sexual harassment

Twenty or more students walked through the San Diego State University campus earlier this week as a protest against a Spanish language professor who has been accused of sexually harassing a female student. The suspect is Professor Vincent Martin.

As reported by NBC San Diego, an internal university investigation was conducted to look into the allegations against Martin. He had allegedly sent several text messages to the female student. These texts were inappropriate and sexually provocative. According to university investigators this is in violation of the university code of ethics and the State Education Code.

Despite this, you would think these students would be wondering what type of jobs are waiting for them in this recession and in a country slowly drowning into debt.

SDSU students: we want action, we want answers

The protest was organized and regulated by the Andrea O’Donnell Womym’s Outreach Association. The protesters had supposedly communicated through a Facebook page/event called we want answers, we want action. The protest march included students carrying banners, apparently, they attempted to camp outside one of Martin’s classes and tried to talk other students into abstaining from attending Martin’s class.

Furthermore, the active group of protestors also glued the walls and the door of the accused professor’s office with hand written posters demanding answers and action. The students claim that the university had failed to properly discipline Martin. You would think these young adults would be more worried about their futures considering many college students end up working in jobs that are designed for people without a degree.

University authorities responded by saying that they certainly appreciated the no-tolerance attitude of their students against sexual harassment, but at the same time, they made it clear that Martin was not proven guilty and that he should be given a fair trial and all the facts of the matter weighed properly.


The students’ suspicions were proven right when the internal investigation concluded that Martin had in fact behaved unprofessionally and had violated the State Education Code. The female victim spoke to media and told them that she was aware of Martin’s reputation for lewd behavior with female students but she had felt that she could handle the situation if Martin crossed his limits.

She chose to take two of his classes despite knowing about his character as she needed them to complete her Spanish major. So she is spending thousands of dollars on a major that may not pay her that much? This is something that many people believe all college students should think about – how much should they pay for their degree?

The professor refused to make any comments about the accusations. However, his sexual harassment attorney has said that they are going to challenge the allegations and the findings of the internal university investigation.

Ford union leader suspended for alleged sexual harassment

The union leader of a Ford Chicago Assembly Plant has been suspended following a sexual harassment lawsuit which named him among several others as a defendant, as per an report.

The lawsuit also accuses Union Auto Workers, an organization very similar to the ones that caused the devastation of Detroit, GM, and Chrysler, bargaining committee leader Allen Millender. A spokesperson for the Auto Workers Union said in a statement that contrary to speculation, Mr. Millender had not been terminated, he was only temporarily suspended awaiting a judicial verdict. It is very hard to fire someone who is in a union even if they are lazy and incompetent. This is why the states that fight against unions and have low union membership have more opportunities for their citizens.

According to the lawsuit which was filed by a sexual harassment attorney, Millender had told a female employee that he would put her in the dreaded graveyard shift if she refused to go out to lunch with him. Allegedly, Millender also talked critically about the female employee to hundreds of others in the workforce ergo creating a very hostile work environment for the victim.