In recent years, the workplace environment has shifted significantly and a lot more emphasis is being placed on workplace safety and the emotional and physical well-being of employees. Employers are under a lot of pressure to maintain the workplace environment in such a way that there is no hidden or apparent abuse and harassment occurring.

If anyone is suffering from sexual harassment in their workplace, they should connect with a sexual harassment attorney to learn more about their rights and to get legal advice catered to their circumstances. Sexual harassment is dangerous, and it can escalate quickly and without triggers. If a person is in such a situation, they need to make sure they inform someone of authority as soon as possible so the harassment is not allowed to grow.

It can be nerve-wracking to speak out against an abuser, especially when that abuser holds power in one’s workplace. However, a person should understand that according to the law they have the right to feel safe in the place they work and if that isn’t happening, they have every right to take protective measures to distance themselves from that person.

It is important to keep in mind that individuals of any gender can be subject to sexual harassment. Even a male employee who is constantly invited to dates at the risk of his employment by a female manager can file a sexual harassment complaint because of the unfair treatment they are receiving.

Should I call a sexual harassment attorney in Michigan?

The first step individuals should take after they are harassed is to make it clear to the abuser that they are not okay with the way they are being treated. Once they have made it clear and the abuse continues, they should start recording everything that happens in detail and they should note the time, the place, and any witnesses who were present when it occurred. The more evidence a person can collect the better it will be for their case.

They should then inform a manager of the harassment and provide the necessary proof to show the incidents did occur. If they are not taken seriously, then they should turn to an attorney to get legal advice and to secure their protection as soon as possible. If an employer turns a sexual harassment complaint down and ignores the complaints of their employees, they can be penalized alongside the abuser for failing to protect a person’s rights.

If a person has their job at risk or they have certain job benefits depending on their response to sexual favors requested by a senior, they are being sexually harassed and they should seek legal help. Also, if a hostile work environment is created in which they can’t work due to the constant sexual comments and advances made towards them they are being harassed and they should make sure they seek help immediately.

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