Legal Grounds Approvable in Court When Filing for Divorce

Legal Grounds Approvable in Court When Filing for Divorce

Depending on what state you live in, divorce laws will vary. Before proceedings can get started however, the party that is filing must specify the reason they are seeking to dissolve the marriage. Some states do not have specific laws imposed, and may allow couples to file without giving a detailed reason. However, other states specify that a valid cause must be given for the breakdown of the marriage.

Two types of divorces are considered by a court before they can be approved: “No Fault” and “At Fault.” No fault divorces are filed in states that allow for proceedings based on “irreconcilable differences.” What these irreconcilable differences are need not be disclosed.

However, in at fault states that require a reason for divorce, the following are some acceptable legal grounds for filing:

• Adultery
• Impotence
• Cruel or abusive treatment
• Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage
• Desertion or voluntary abandonment for a consecutive period of time
• Substance Abuse
• Incarceration
• Mental illness
• Lack of means to support the marriage and/or children

If you have considered filing for divorce, seek the help of a divorce lawyer to ensure your case runs as quickly and smoothly as possible. Your divorce attorney will help you petition the court for the dissolution of your marriage and will help you to determine the official reason for filing you want to bring forward in court. Call to schedule a consultation to ensure your proceedings end favorably.