The management of a Great Kills Italian restaurant has been accused of failing to stop one of its male employees from sexually harassing a lesbian couple who worked at the restaurant. In their federal lawsuit, Nicole Montalbano and Jeanette Ravelo-Rodriguez, allege that co-worker Salvatore Borgognone propositioned one of them, asking if she was ready to have an affair.

He also boasted of his sexual escapades on his day off. The couple who were employed at the Staten Island branch Patrizia’s of Brooklyn between September 2013 and January 2014 during claim they were sexually harassed on several occasions during their tenure.

Defendant was only joking says management

The lawsuit filed by their sexual harassment attorney alleges that Borgognone first targeted Montalbano from the time she started working at the restaurant. She was forced to take time off a few months later in December. Ravelo-Rodriguez took the initiative to complain to Giacomo Alaio, the founder of Patrizia’s, who in response assured her that he would take care of the matter and that such incidents won’t happen again.

Montalbano was asked to come back to work in January 2014, according to the lawsuit. She was told that the defendant was only joking about the harassment and treated her like his sister. The plaintiff returned at the behest of the manager but not before disclosing that she was in a relationship with Ravelo-Rodriguez.

The harassment continues

However, this did not stop Borgognone from continuing to sexually harass Montalbano and boasting about it to another co-worker. The lawsuit claims that the defendant on one occasion in the presence of Ravelo-Rodriguez said he did not think that Montalbano was gay and it was simply a passing phase. He is also alleged to have spoken about his dream of the two on a sexual escapade with Ravelo-Rodriguez watching.

Following the continued sexual harassment, Montalbano quit her job in April 2014. According to the sexual harassment attorney for the plaintiffs, the fight is all about his clients’ basic right to work without the fear of being intimidated because of their sexual orientation.

Ohio State Women’s hockey coach quits following complaints

Following allegations of sexual harassment, Nate Handrahan, Ohio State women’s hockey coach, has reportedly resigned. The 37 year old coach who finished his fourth season with the Buckeyes was the focus of an investigation for an incident at a North Dakota airport in November last year. Handrahan, along with colleague Carson Duggan, reached the airport late and appeared to be drunk. He apologized to the team following a reprimand from the university.

However, there were several complaints of sexual harassment and unprofessional conduct, according to a report presented by Gene Smith and Kim Heaton, athletic director and human resources director for athletics of Ohio State, respectively.

The report claims that witness accounts suggest Handrahan passed sexual comments about female players and used vulgar language during matches and practice sessions. The players found his language to be inappropriate on several occasions while he is alleged to have spoken to players in a bullying and arrogant tone.

The players claim they were afraid to approach Handrahan with any concerns fearing retaliation after the manner in which he previously spoke to them. However, the coach has refuted allegations of making any inappropriate or sexual comments.

This coach does not seem to get it. But also, woman play hockey?