Los Angeles sexual harassment and discrimination laws are among the most comprehensive civil rights laws that are pro-employee. According to the EEOC, thousands of harassment and gender discrimination lawsuits are filed in Los Angeles alone every year despite stringent laws.

For the most part, no employee deserves to be harassed or discriminated against although the fact is sexism occurs far too often. Men and women, regardless of their sexual orientation, have the right to be protected and file a lawsuit if their employer breaches any of the laws. All it takes is an experienced Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer to protect your rights and fight back. You can find out about some of your workplace rights if you press right here.

There are several types of sexual harassment which every employee ought to be aware of. This includes unwanted sexual coercion, sexual joking, sexual bribery, sexual gift giving, coworker, and supervisor harassment, same sex harassment, gay and lesbian harassment, and stalking in the workplace, to name a few.

Gay and transgender harassment

For the LGBT community teasing, harassment, and bullying are common in the workplace, which creates an unsafe working environment. According to data from the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, as many as 90% of transgender workers have reported being harassed at work while between 15% and 43% gay and transgender employees have experienced various forms of discrimination at the workplace.

As many as 28% gay employees have been discriminated against and denied promotions because of their sexual orientation. Repeatedly being called terms such as ‘queer’ and ‘homo’ can also lead to extreme psychological repercussions, for which the alleged harassers and the employer can be held accountable.

Unwelcome requests for sexual favors

According to Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys, under federal and California state law, demanding sex from a co-worker or employee is illegal. Any unwelcome requests for sexual favors can be considered harassment and entitle the alleged victim to compensation. Unwelcome requests must never be considered part of the job.

On the contrary, employees are advised to take immediate measures and file a complaint. Some of the examples of subtle forms of harassment include repeated requests for dates or sex, a promotion in exchange for sex, special treatment from a supervisor for sexual favors, and more.

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Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers (and some of the best ones in the business can be reached right here: https://usattorneys.com/ recommend that any employee subjected to unwanted sexual advances should first inform the alleged harasser that this type of behavior is unacceptable. If the harassment continues the victim must complain to the supervisor or Human Resources department. There is always the option to pursue legal action if the conduct continues and no steps are taken by the employer to curb such harassment.

Co-worker and supervisor harassment

Co-worker and supervisor sexual harassment are also common where some employees may deem it prudent to pass offensive comments, lewd jokes, and passing around inappropriate pictures. From a legal perspective, such type of behavior creates a hostile work environment and interferes with the victim’s personal and professional life.

Letting the harasser know, whether a co-worker or supervisor, that such behavior is unwelcome is the first step to put an end to inappropriate conduct. If that does prove fruitful there is always the opportunity to speak with a terrific and incredible Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer and avoid putting your career in jeopardy.