San Francisco, CA-Singer Mariah Carey is in danger of being sued by her former bodyguard, Michael Anello, who alleges the megastar subjected to harassment including exposing herself to him and repeatedly calling him a “Nazi.” Anello hasn’t filed his suit yet, but that might be his next move if the duo can agree on a settlement.

Allegations Against Mariah Carey

Anello, who is the owner of Los Angeles-based Anello Security & Consulting, had his attorneys draft a lawsuit which he plans to file if negotiations with Carey’s lawyers fall apart, according to TMZ.

Anello’s lawsuit contains allegations of sexual and verbal harassment and accuses the singer of backing out of a two-year deal with his company at the cost of $511,000.

In the suit, he alleges that Carey exposed herself to him on different occasions and engaged in sexual acts he could not avoid seeing. On one trip to Mexico, he says Carey called him to her room to move some luggage. Anello alleges that when he got there, her negligee was open. The lawsuit says he tried to leave, but she insisted he move the luggage before she let him go.

The bodyguard also alleges that Carey “humiliated” his by calling him a “Nazi,” “skinhead,” and “white supremacist.” She used those terms to describe other bodyguards on his staff, and once told him she didn’t want to be surrounded by “white people.”

Carey’s spokesperson told TMZ she is willing to reimburse Anello for his unpaid expenses, but did not acknowledge the sexual harassment allegations or other claims in the lawsuit.

Men Are Complaining About Sexual Harassment More

In the past several weeks, the issue of sexual harassment has been thrust into the national conversation and much centers around what women endure in the workplace. But sexual harassment doesn’t just affect women; men are also victims. According to 2016 statistics from the Equal Opportunity Commission, 16.6 percent of sexual harassment complaints were filed by men.  That’s a slight decrease from 2015 when 17.1 percent of the received complaints involved male victims.

More men are complaining about sexual harassment because they feel more comfortable coming forward these days than in decades past.

When a man is sexually harassed, the harasser is typical a male coworker. Of course, some victims are harassed by women, but a spokesperson from the EEOC told that most cases involve a man harassing another man.

Men can be subjected to unwanted advances and touches along with inappropriate and sexually-charged language. Some men are teased or harassed about their sexual orientation.

Hire a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

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