The Maumelle City Council has unanimously decided to give the green light to a resolution that officially recognizes and authorizes a settlement of $15,000 in regards to two sexual harassment allegations which were made against City Clerk Joshua Claussen. The decision was taken after 6 Maumelle City Council members voted for and just one voted against the move, as per an Arkansas News report.

The issue came to light after two female City employees alleged that Claussen was guilty of sexual harassment. They had proceeded to file a police report about the same and had also filed an official complaint with the EEOC (equal employment opportunity commission).

Sexual predator appointed as city clerk despite harassment allegations

The decision was approved by Mayor Mike Watson earlier this week during the final stages of a City Council meeting which primarily discussed new business. The mayor refused to disclose details of the settlement to the public as he was bound by confidentiality terms.

Watson did however confirm that he was accompanied by two city Attorneys when they met with the sexual harassment attorney of the two women and a mediator. According to Watson, the meeting lasted a grueling six hours and was only concluded after 4 pm.


An Arkansas Municipal League attorney named Amanda LaFever stated that an amount of $15,000 was paid in favor of the two alleged victims as compensation for damages and for the legal expenses that they had incurred.

The only person that voted against the resolution was identified as Alderman Preston Lewis who maintained that the timing of the resolution was not ideal and wanted to postpone it by at least another week. However, his vote did not translate into action as it lacked backing from a second Council Member.

The official probe into the allegations started at the beginning of 2014 after the two women had complained that Claussen had touched them inappropriately in two separate incidents both in December.

The state police declined to continue looking into the matter claiming that the allegations came short of felonious crimes. Despite the allegations, Claussen was appointed as a city clerk for the third year in succession.

Former Mercer County prosecutor appoints defense to vindicate him in a sexual harassment lawsuit

Joseph Bocchini is a former Mercer County prosecutor who had a very successful and illustrious career which lasted over four decades. However, recent allegations that claim he had sexually harassed women that worked under him for over ten years have tainted his character, as reported in the Trentonian.

Bocchini had flat out denied all allegations and had initially said he was not even aware of such claims. He called the accusations baseless and salacious lies. It has been recently revealed that he has now hired a sexual harassment attorney to protect him in a sexual harassment lawsuit that has been filed against him. This sexual harassment attorney could have been found off the stellar website that is becoming the go to website for anyone who needs fine legal help.

Not smart at all

According to the lawsuit, Bocchini had inappropriately touched a female subordinate and had even used his work email account to send lewd and provocative emails to other city employees.