Ohio based company Mel–K management have been ordered to pay up a sum of $80,000 in settlement of settle sexual harassment claims against it, as reported by insurancejournal.com. The lawsuit was filed by the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) on behalf of the victim in the case.

The suit alleges that the company was not only guilty of sexual harassment but also of retaliation in an attempt to silence the plaintiff from speaking up. If you know about this Ohio or you know someone else in a sexual harassment quandary, there is fantastic information for you on this site.

A racist manager

One of the defendants against whom most of the allegations have been made is a general manager at the Chagrin Falls, Ohio Office. Reportedly, he was openly racist and used explicit terms such as nigg–, ho, and black bitc- to refer to black people. Furthermore, he has been accused of favoring white employees over black employees. This sounds like affirmative action in reverse. Yes, sexual harassment lawyers can handle cases like this too and some of the most fantastic ones are found on USAttorneys.com.

The plaintiff in the case has been identified specifically as Sabrina McHenry. McHenry claims that she was subjected to sexual harassment, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, and even retaliation in the work place.

During her time at Mel–K, McHenry was harassed and when she opted to oppose the harassment, her senior retaliated by transferring her to an undesirable work location and then eventually terminated her. The lawsuit was filed by sexual harassment attorneys working in conjunction with the EEOC to protect employees against sexual harassment in the work place.


American Crystal Sugar sued for alleged sexual harassment

A civil lawsuit has been filed against American Crystal Sugar by a North Dakota woman identified as Janine Bailey. The lawsuit names Bailey as the plaintiff and seeks damages for years of rampant harassment and discrimination, according to a timesunion.com report. Her sexual harassment attorney is working overtime on this one.

Bailey worked at the company’s East Grand Forks plant and claims that during her time there her co-workers and seniors would often direct sexually lewd comments at her and would also play rude inappropriate pranks on her. Among the allegations is one which describes how Bailey was told that women were dumb and that she did not belong there with the rest of them.

Athletic director of University of Minnesota faces multiple sexual harassment claims

Eric Kaler, the president of University of Minnesota has confirmed that the university has received more sexual harassment complaints against Athletic Director Norwood Teague ever since he resigned, as reported by USA Today.

Kaler also confirmed that five lawsuits have been filed and said that the university itself will not be investigating the complaints. Instead, a private law firm that is already looking into previous allegations against Teague will also be provided with the new complaints and will in turn extend their probe to address the claims made in these new allegations.

Teague had only recently retired after sexual harassment lawyers representing administrators that were harassed by Teague voiced their complaints against him. Teague had since apologized and said that he was receiving treatment for his unjustifiable behavior. Kaler said in a comment that until the administrators made complaints against Teague, he had not been involved in any such issues. Teague did not respond to calls and messages seeking comment. Some people believe he should probably move out of area.