Steven Crawford, the Chief of Mendham Township Police Department has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the township. The 47 year old police chief who has been with the force for 28 years alleges he was harassed since 2012, according to NY Daily News.

He is the chief, fire them!

In the lawsuit, Crawford alleges that other officials and employees subjected him to various forms of harassment. They allegedly passed comments about his sexuality, size of his genitals, physique, his morals, and other unnecessary personal issues. The police chief also claims that no action was taken after he complained to unidentified officials. Among the defendants in the case are Mendham Township current and former committee members Maribeth Thomas, Samuel Tolley, Richard Merkt, and Amey Upchurch. They have been accused of planning to sully Crawford’s reputation.

Former committeeman does not recall complaints

Former committeeman Merkt said he did not recall Crawford ever complaining about sexual harassment during his tenure from 2011 to September 2014. According to, the police chief’s press conference followed soon after Officer Robert Wysokowski filed a suit claiming that Crawford who had ordered the profiling of younger drivers did not promote Wysokowski because he failed to reach his target of profiling younger drivers ordered by the police chief. The lawsuit is currently under investigation by Morris County Prosecutor’s Office.

Merkt claimed that Crawford did not notify or seek approval from the Mayor or other elected officials prior to holding a press conference concerning the pending litigation. He alleges that the strained relationship between Crawford and the officials was due to the latter being kept in the dark about the issue. Other committee members either declined to comment or were not available. They have been on the site trying to find themselves a marvelous sexual harassment attorney just in case they need one.

Domino’s Pizza Los Lunas outlet supervisor accused of sexual harassment

Two women who worked as delivery drivers at Domino’s Pizza in Los Lunas have accused their supervisor of sexual harassment, according to KRQE News 13. Toni Chacon and Nalleli Reyes-Garcia allege that their assistant manager sexually harassed female employees and had filed a complaint with the management and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. However, no action has been taken yet claimed Toni Chacon.

Women start online petition in the Breaking Bad state

Chacon and Reyes-Garcia have expressed their frustration by starting an online petition on to further their cause and put a stop to what they allege is sexual harassment at Domino’s Pizza, store #6538 in Los Lunas in New Mexico. The two women claim their assistant manager passed comments about women’s breasts and butts, and was vocal about his fantasies of rape.


Chacon also claims he would wink at her and squeezed her sides while passing comments referring to sex. She feels humiliated and claims she is being told to keep quiet about the harassment. Nalleli Reyes-Garcia expressed the same sentiments and claims that she witnessed the supervisor make another 19 year old employee feel awkward by constantly putting his arms around her. The two women claim they went public because they wanted expose what went on inside the store.

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Chacon claims her working hours were reduced from 28 hours to two hours per week after she filed a complaint. Reyes-Garcia who is a full time student said she accepted an offer to work at another Domino’s outlet in Albuquerque and now commutes 45 minutes to work. Both women allege that there are other employees who were fired by the bosses after complaining about sexual harassment.