Miami, Florida, A Proactive Stance to Stopping Sexual Harassment

Just like in other states, sexual harassment is considered illegal in Florida, and any employer or employee found guilty of the crime will have to face the penalties for their ill-though actions. Both federal law and Florida state law mandate that anyone who is found guilty of sexual harassment will have to face the repercussions for their actions. Not only does the law prohibit the act itself, but it also prevents employers from being passive about any complaints they receive of this nature.

This means that if a person files a sexual harassment complaint with their employer, the employer has to take action to stop and prevent the abuse from occurring again, and if they fail to act, they can also be held accountable for the harm suffered by the victim. Employers are required to have a proper process in place as well as policies and procedures that educate their employees about the gravity of committing a crime of this nature. Any employer who decides to let a sexual harassment complaint go and they don’t investigate it or try to resolve it, will have to face the consequences for their actions as they can be severely legally punished.

Anyone who faces sexual harassment at work should make sure they report it as soon as possible. They should also keep in mind that they will have to prove the incident occurred so they should keep track of text messages and any other forms of evidence that can help them prove their words. Once the management team gets back to the victim, they should inform them in detail of everything that took place. If their employer does not act, then they should reach out to a sexual harassment attorney so they can protect themselves from being harassed again.

Depending on how severe the harassment was, a person may be able to litigate and hold both the perpetrator and the employer responsible in court for the harm they suffered.

Employers should provide sexual harassment training in Miami, Florida

The best way to resolve sexual harassment cases is to make sure preventive measures are taken so they don’t occur, or they occur as little as possible. Employers can make this happen by providing sexual harassment training to all their employees and managers. When individuals are well aware of the no tolerance level of such behavior and the legal complications that they could find themselves in, they are less likely to carry it out.

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