A principal of a middle school has been accused of sexual harassment by a teacher at Greenburg’s Woodlands schools.

Principal not a righteous person

A sexual harassment lawsuit has been filed by Shehnaz Hirji, a nontenured teacher at Woodlands school against Brodrick Spencer, the principal at the middle school. She claimed that she was harassed by the principal between 2012 and 2014, and that administrators did not take any action upon her complaining.

Former Superintendent Ronald Ross had been accused by ten plaintiffs of making inappropriate comments on religion, race, and sexual issues and for creating a hostile environment. Hirji was one of the ten plaintiffs in this case, which ultimately resulted in Ross being fired by the school board. Nine months after this, Hirji filed the lawsuit against Spencer and Interim Superintendent Tahira Dupree-Chase.

The plaintiff was subject to repeated harassment by Spencer which included her arms being grabbed, and being backed against the wall and touching her front body with his, according to the complaint.

The district’s legal counsel was asked to investigate the compliant made by Hirji in 2014, during which time Spencer continued to work in the school.

The lawsuit also states that during this time, Spencer continued to harass the plaintiff by leering at her and making other inappropriate comments. According to sexual harassment attorneys, the interim superintendent, Dupree-Chase, told the plaintiff that Spencer was found to be guilty of the sexual harassment charges and that she would obtain the report from the law firm.

Voters in downtown LA prefer development issues over scandals

Voters from downtown Los Angeles and Eagle Rock placed performance over private life scandals when they elected Jose Huizar as a Councilman.

Gloria Molina, and social worker Nadine Diaz, who were Huizar’s opponents in the election, brought up Huizar’s sexual harassment scandal but in vain.

Another example of LA politicians unbecoming

Previously, Francine Godoy, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Huizar, had accused him of sexual harassment and retaliation when she objected to it. Those accusations were denied by Huizar who said that he did have an affair with her for some time.

The case was resolved between the two without fighting it out in court. However, in her campaign, Molina repeatedly talked about the fact that Godoy received an increase in salary from $47,000 to $132,000 while she was with Huizar. Diaz also said that she would restore the moral compass of the district, while commenting on the scandal.

Bicycle friendly projects win favor over freeway improvement and expansion

Huiraz’s bicycle friendly projects however won the day for him, as many voters like Josef Bray-Ali, who is a bicycle activist have been impressed with the councilman’s vision to reduce car lanes for bicycles. Road safety was a bigger issue than such scandals according to Bray-Ali and according to outsiders, high taxes killing jobs, regulations pushing businesses away, politicians respecting tax payer money, implementing tort reform, building a seawater fresh water plant so the people of LA did not have to rely on water brought in from 300 miles away, and so on did not matter much.

Huizar’s campaign focused on bicycle lanes, parks and development, and other items that are solid but are not critical and won with more than a 2 to 1 margin over Molina. He also stressed on the fact that he opposed the Freeway extension from El Sereno to Pasadena since creating jobs and improving the infrastructure of this area was not on his to do list. Diaz did not win even 5% of the votes while Molina took in 24% of the votes.

Denise Alvarez, a supporter of Huizar’s development policies, said that performance was what mattered and she would vote for Huizar even if he had three more affairs. Apparently Alvarez does not care about honesty nor the sanctity of marriage.