Midland, TX – There are many forms of discrimination that can happen at a workplace, and this type of misconduct may not always be obvious or discovered by the victim. Inappropriate comments or hiring decisions made based on a person’s gender, race, religion, or national origin are some of the most obvious types of discrimination. However, many workers may be victims of more subtle forms of discrimination or harassment and not even know it is happening.  

Quid pro quo

Asking for certain favors that are not directly job related in return for things like proper pay, benefits, bonuses may count as harassment. Sometimes, this may be sexual in nature, but it does not necessarily have to be in order to count as part of an inappropriate workplace environment. Employees have even been demoted, faced negative employment reviews, and faced other forms of retaliation for not complying with these illegal requests. 

Unwanted physical contact and attention

There have been some harassment cases related to various forms of physical contact that are not normal for a workplace. This may include a supervising employee physically blocking a worker’s access to a certain area, brushing against someone or touching them and trying to make it seem like an accident, or following a person around the workplace and distracting them excessively. 

Improper and unnecessary communications

Some employees can utilize work communications such as an email account or phone for sending improper messages. Employees are supposed to be trained to not use these items for personal matters or to comment on things such as the appearance of another worker. Excessive contacting of another employee, especially outside of work hours, may count as stalking as well. 

Excessive attempts at romantic involvement 

Anyone worker who constantly asks another employee on dates or attempts to force a romantic relationship should be instructed to discontinue this kind of behavior by a supervisor or the company’s human resources department. If this is allowed to continue for a long period of time, the workplace may be liable for creating a hostile work environment or other problems that are legally actionable

Damages for harassment lawsuits

If a victim is successful in a lawsuit for any of these illegal actions, they may receive various types of compensation, which are called damages in a legal context. This can include lost wages, money that someone would have earned from a promotion, bonuses, or continued employment, or punitive damages meant to punish the business for improper and reckless behavior.

Getting assistance from an employment attorney

There are lawyers who focus all of their time on helping people with discrimination issues, various forms of harassment, and improper pay and benefits. Moore and Associates is a firm that helps clients in the Midland area with these types of issues. 

Firm contact info:

Moore & Associates 

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