Dr. Walter Palmer is doing himself no favors by repeatedly coming up on the radar with his terrible and immoral decisions. The Minnesota based dentist had sparked widespread global outrage after he had supposedly paid bribes to authorities in Zimbabwe to be allowed to hunt down a well-known and famed lion and kill it, according to heavy.com.

Palmer was then involved in a sexual harassment lawsuit which was filed by the sexual harassment attorney of one of his own patient’s. The legal complaint was lodged with the Minnesota board of dentistry and the so called “doctor” settled it with a fine (corrective action).

The plaintiff in the case remains unidentified for obvious privacy concerns, but she had accused Palmer of inappropriate physical touching, unwanted sexual advances and even verbal comments about her breasts and other private parts. If you are in a situation like this plaintiff was, you have an outlet, and it is right here.

Plaintiff was both employee and patient of accused dentist Dr. Walter Palmer

The woman was not only a patient but also an employee at the firm where Palmer practiced medicine and claims that she retaliated against for reporting the harassment. Supposedly, she spoke of the incidents to her supervisor and requested that Palmer immediately cease his immoral behavior with her. However, instead of being comforted and taken care of, she was fired from the firm as retaliation for complaining about what she was going through.


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The case only drew to a close after the Board of Dentistry shut it down as Palmer’s medical insurer had paid an amount of $127,500 to the plaintiff. Furthermore, apart from the money he was instructed to pay up, Palmer was also instructed to undertake a mandatory course about behavior and ethics at the workplace, which he completed also.

However, Palmer did comment about the allegations. He maintained that he only paid up to avoid lengthy, meticulous, and expensive legal proceedings, he just wanted to quickly put an end to the matter and does not accept any liability. He also said that his settlement of the case should not be perceived as an admission of guilt on his part.

US Senator McCaskill has joined forces with an intern to battle sexual harassment

Alissa Hembree found herself being sexually harassed while she interned for Jefferson City. Allegedly, according to her sexual harassment attorney, Senator Paul Levota had subjected her to unwanted physical touching, unwelcome sexual advances, and lewd provocative sexual comments.

As reported by news-leader.com, Hembree has now gotten a boost after Senator Claire McCaskill declared that she will be joining Hembree’s cause and will work with her to target and curb sexual harassment against interns.

The pair is apparently devising a strategic plan to create an advocacy group which will serve to give young interns (both male and female) that experience sexual harassment with options as to what they can do about it and will protect them during such trying times. In the case of Hembree, the accused senator resigned after a private probe into the allegations concluded in favor of Hembree.