Minnesota, Protecting Oneself from Sexual Harassment and Assault

Sexual harassment and assault are far too common in the workplace and if anyone has gone through this form of abuse, they need to know they are not alone and they can take steps to protect themselves from further mistreatment. Sexual harassment is such a sensitive topic, especially when it comes to the workplace because individuals have their entire livelihood on the line, and many would not want to risk challenging the authority who is paying them their salary.

However, what all employees need to understand is that they have certain rights that must be respected and that no matter how much authority their employer has, they are still not above the law. Employers can be significantly penalized by the court if it is proven that they did act in this manner and did cause substantial harm to their employees.

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and can occur for both men and women. While most people believe that it’s only the typical dynamic of male superior harassing a female employee, it can actually be in all forms and combinations and if a person feels violated in any way, they should connect with a sexual harassment attorney in Minnesota to learn about their legal options for safety. The state and federal laws in Minnesota protect employees against sexual harassment and from any related wrongful termination that they may be subjected to for speaking up.

What is sexual harassment according to Minnesota law?

Sexual harassment can take on many forms and can include offensive joking, unwanted advances, offers of promotion, and retaliation for filing a complaint. Getting abused in this manner is already hard enough. Anyone who finds themselves in this situation should not have to be subjected to further abuse when they file their complaint to the management.

It is the duty of their employer to make sure they are providing all of their employees with the best possible care and that they do everything they can to keep them safe from all forms of abuse. A sexual harassment complaint should always be taken very seriously by the employer and should never result in backlash from the employee. It helps if an individual collects evidence and witnesses before going in to file their complaint, so the management understands the gravity of the situation.

If the employer fails to take a complaint seriously or they decide to terminate a person’s contract because they filed a complaint, then a person can likely litigate against them and hold them accountable for their lack of support and their irrational behavior from a legal perspective.

Get in touch with a sexual harassment attorney to protect one’s rights and maintain one’s work in a secure environment.


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