Minneapolis, MN- A former employee of Minnesota-based American Crystal Sugar Co. was awarded $140,000 after a jury found that one of her former supervisors sexually harassed her.

Last week, a jury decided to award Terra Fields $140 for lost wages and emotional distress after finding that she was subjected to a hostile work environment, according the AG Week.

In 2011, while the American Crystal Sugar Co. was experiencing a labor dispute, Fields worked for a contractor, Strom Engineering, who was assigned to clean one of the company’s Minnesota locations.

Fields, who worked for Strom Engineering for 11 years, alleged that when she started working at the Minnesota facility, her supervisor, Harry Avila, began sexually harassing her and asking her out for dates, AG Week reports. On one occasion, Avila made remarks about Fields’ breasts and on another occasion, asked her to move into his hotel room. He repeatedly asked her out for dates and when she rebuffed his advances, Fields alleges Avilla retaliated against her.

She rebuffed Avila’s advances and was fired one day after her saw her dining with a male coworker at the hotel where they were staying. Strom Engineering alleges the Fields was fired over her poor work performance, though she denied even being spoken to about the quality of her work. Furthermore, there was no documentation within the company noting Fields was an “unmotivated” and “slow” as her supervisors claim.

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