A student that was interning cancelled her assignment out of the blue while working for Senator Paul LeVota. This unexpected end and allegations made by the intern’s sexual harassment attorney has sparked off a probe into the Missouri State Senate for not only sexual harassment but also alleged gender discrimination, as reported by Columbia Tribune.

The head of the senate, Joe Keaveny, made an official statement confirming that a probe had been initiated but did not answer following questions about who exactly the allegations were against. He said that nothing has been proven yet and so it would be unfair to name the senator in question without having first completed an unbiased investigation.

Keaveny also remarked that the office takes the allegations very seriously and they take pride in being an equal opportunity employer and were going to get to the very bottom of the allegations and take all the required measures to curb any such practices in the future provided that the allegations turn out to be true.

Senator Paul LeVota – I’ve never had issues with any interns

Many tabloids and online news blogs have reported that the senator in question is one Mr. Paul LeVota. However, it is still unclear whether LeVota himself is accused of the harassment and discrimination or whether it is one of his subordinates. When contacted for comment, LeVota said that he was not even aware of such complaints He said there were no problems with any of the interns as far as he knew but maintained that any allegations will be taken seriously and investigated.

All interns working at LeVota’s office were confirmed to have graduated from the University of Central Missouri, hence a spokesman for the university was contacted for comment. Spokesman Jeff Murphy however failed to throw any light on the allegations. He said university policy disallowed him from commenting on any potential litigation. However, he did say that the university always upholds the federal law “Title IX” which was drafted specifically to protect students and interns from sexual harassment.

LeVota did not hesitate to defend his own character. He wrote in an official statement that he has worked with young interns from universities all over the nation for over a decade and has never had any trouble or problems with any of the interns during that period.

Three former Illinois State employee’s initiate litigation against the state for unfair termination

As per a Ktrs.com report, a sexual harassment attorney representing three ex Illinois state employee’s, namely, Patrick Carlson, George Daglas, and Ashvin Lad, has filed a lawsuit against the state which alleges that the three men were fired by former state treasurer Dan Rutherford because they had testified against Rutherford in a sexual harassment lawsuit which alleged that Rutherford had sexually harassed Edmund Michalowski.

Another bureaucratic mess that tax payers must pay for

According to Rutherford, the three were not fired for the evidence they provided in the initial lawsuit but for falsifying records. The current state treasurer, Mike Frerichs, has already agreed to not disclose to potential future employers of the three men that they were terminated.

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