New York, NY-Famous photographer Terry Richardson, who has shot a number of high-profile celebs and President Obama, is once again facing sexual harassment allegations from a British model who said he offered her a photo shoot for Vogue magazine in exchange for sex. Richardson who has been dogged by similar claims since 2010 denies the claims, but Vogue editor said they would not be using Richardson in the near future.

The latest allegations surfaced Sunday when Emma Appleton Tweeted a screen grab of an alleged Facebook conversation she had with Richardson. Appleton asked the Richardson who has photographed big names like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus if she could get a shoot in Vogue, to which he allegedly replied, “If I can f*ck you I will book you in ny. (sic) for a shoot,”  according to the Daily Mail.

Shortly after posting the Tweet, Appleton deleted it, but the damage had already been done. Although she received support from some of her Twitter followers, others were less than supportive.

Candace Marks, Richardson’s representative said the message was “obviously fake” and denied Appleton’s allegations.

Unfortunately for Richardson though this is not the first young model to come forward with sexual harassment allegations against him. In fact similar allegations about the renowned photographer began to surface in 2010 when model Jamie Peck wrote openly about her experiences with Richardson.

Peck, who was 19 at the time, alleges that she showed up for a shoot at Richardson’s apartment and he asked her to pose nude. She didn’t have a problem with the nude photos, but during the second shoot things got a little weird for Peck.

She explained to Jezebel that at the second shoot she didn’t want to pose naked because she was on her period. Peck alleges he asked her to remove her tampon; she refused and the next thing she knows, he is naked and asking her to touch his penis.

Supermodel Rie Rasmussen also publicly accused him of sexually harassing young girls and in March of this year former model Charlotte Waters said she was subjected to the photog’s pervy behavior.

Waters told Vocativ that an hour after she arrived at his studio in 2009, Richardson licked her bare buttocks asked her to squeeze his testicles and perform oral sex on him.

A Canadian model Liskula Cohen walked off the a shoot with Richardson after his demands became more and more explicit, the Daily Mail reported.

Not surprisingly, Richardson denies the allegations, and this past March, he characterized the numerous allegations as a “witch hunt.” And he has never

Models aren’t like employees; instead they are classified as independent contractors so they don’t have the same legal recourse that people in traditional workplaces have and can’t hire a sexual harassment attorney to protect them. Rie Rasmussen said “He takes girls who are young, manipulates them to take off their clothes and takes pictures of them they will be ashamed of.”

Rasmussen says the girls comply with Richardson’s wishes because they are too afraid to say no because their agency sent them on the shoot.