Minneapolis, MN– It’s graduation season and there is no doubt that teens in 2015 are not nearly as modest as they once were, but one thinks her daughter’s high school crossed the line the when they issued a dress code that is insulting at times, and reasonable at others. Now the mom is threatening to sue the school for sexual harassment.

Mom, Jessica Burtop, told WWMT that simply complaining on Facebook, like her daughter did, is not enough for the offensive letter which she says is “sexist” and “offensive.” She says a sexual harassment lawsuit may be in order.

In the letter, the Pennsylvania high school told students to wear “modest attire,” and no showing bellies. The letter also instructs students to keep “the girls covered up and supported,” according to People.

The letter said boys could wear t-shirts but collared shirts are recommended, but it warned the boys to “PULL UP YOUR PANTS.” As for the girls, the letter asked they wear “a longer skirt” or “nice slacks”

According to a copy of the notice obtained by an ABC News affiliate, “gentlemen” were warned to “PULL YOUR PANTS UP!” And while collared shirts were recommended, t-shirts would be allowed for guys – but females were asked to wear “a longer skirt” or “nice slacks” and “modest attire.”

But the letter didn’t stop there, People states that it also says that “they don’t want to be looking at” the student’s “sausage roles,” reminding students, “you can’t put 10 lbs. of mud in a 5 lb. bags”

It’s an insulting letter for certain, but whether it rises to the level of sexual harassment is in question. There is a pretty high bar of proof and egregious behavior for a formal sexual harassment suit against to gain any traction.

Anyone who plans on filing a sexual harassment suit against their employer or a school must prove the following: the inappropriate behavior was based on the individual’s protected class; the behavior was unwanted and offensive; and it was repeated and pervasive. To see if your claims meet these requirements USAttorneys urge you to contact a Minnesota sexual harassment attorney.

Generally, sexual harassment cases are only successful if the behavior is repeated and pervasive. While the letter was certainly offensive and insulting on some many levels, it is a one-off thing and will likely be retracted after so many news outlets have picked up the story.

It’s understandable that this mother is outraged but sexual harassment is so much worse than an insulting dress code. It’s a toxic behavior that affects the victims in numerous ways. If you have been sexually harassed a Minnesota sexual harassment attorney will help you build your case and the compensation you deserve.