Midland, TX – There are some situations where an employer may be guilty of several instances of discrimination and harassment against workers at the same time. All of these individuals have the right to sue for similar remedies. When many workers come forward with issues at the same time, it may be beneficial for them to file a class action, especially if the employer is a large corporate entity. Because class actions have special rules that are much different from other kinds of employment lawsuits, legal advice is recommended before formally bringing a case. 

Lawsuits by a class of victims

Class action lawsuits are a common way for plaintiffs in similar circumstances to resolve their cases all at once due to similar circumstances and background facts. The amount of total damages available is split between all members of the class who file a claim. This is why very large class actions usually only result in small payouts for a class of thousands of plaintiffs. A representative is named from among the plaintiffs, and their counsel will act on behalf of everyone who filed and attached as a member of the class.  

Class actions are also beneficial in terms of their fee structure. It is easier to pay a lawyer their attorney’s fees out of a larger settlement that will be distributed among dozens of plaintiffs. This allows some victims who could not otherwise afford legal services to have their interests represented in court. 

Rules for filing class actions related to labor and employment

For an employment law class action case, there usually must be at least a total of 30 employees in the same business or company who were affected. The lawyer who initially files the case must also make a good faith statement that they believe many individuals are affected in a similar way. All plaintiffs must receive similar legal notices throughout the course of the litigation related to the progression and resolution of the case. The judge will usually make rulings that affect all members of the class at once due to similar underlying facts.  

Common types of class actions include wage violations for all employees of a company, illegally withholding require break time, and widespread discrimination against certain employees based on race, gender, and other legally protected characteristics. Employment class actions may award compensatory damages for tangible losses to the class of victims, as well as punitive damages to punish the employer. 

Moore and Associates dedicates their practice to help victims of harassment and discrimination in the Midland area. Anyone who needs to learn more about labor and employment regulations can contact the firm to schedule a meeting. 

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