Many Hollywood stars have recently revealed the challenges they face while working in the entertainment industry, many of which involve encounters with sexual misconduct. Working in Hollywood exposes these individuals to different types of people from various social classes, some who are well-known and others who hold a great deal of power. And because of that, one of the challenges these actors and actresses have been faced with involve them being mistreated or violated by these people of power with no consequences to follow.

When Portman began to listen to the various stories of that have been shared by other women involving sexual harassment, she didn’t think she had one of her own until she sat back and considered the times when she too was placed in an uncomfortable situation. She shared some experiences in an interview conducted with Porter Magazine stemming all the way back to when she was a child. When Portman was just 13-year-old, she received “rape fantasy fan mail” and was subjected to other behavior that left her feeling uneasy. When she was 18, a local radio station used her birthday as a countdown to the date when she would be legal to sleep with.

Unfortunately, Hollywood TV stars become vulnerable to scrutiny, judgment, and are often talked about in ways that leave them feeling uncomfortable.

But, as Portman’s career continued on, she was perceived as being “prudish, conservative, nerdy, and serious” after refusing to take roles that involved kissing scenes earlier in her career. In an effort to let the world know that she respected herself and her body, rather than be praised for her bold move, she received backlash for it.

Portman also opened up about another time where she was invited to go on a private plan with a producer. Although she was hesitant to travel alone with him as it made her feel a bit uncomfortable, things became more awkward when she boarded the plane only to find that one bed that was made up for them. Although he didn’t touch her inappropriately or assault her, the entire situation didn’t sit well with Portman. Perhaps her producer took advantage of the fact that his role overpowered hers and he would get away with not giving her the option to sleep alone even if he had no intention of making a move.

After realizing how she has been subjected to inappropriate behavior and listened to all the stories being shared, Portman has committed herself to ending Hollywood sexism and harassment as a part of the Time’s Up campaign.


Many cases of sexual harassment are overlooked because the act seems “minor” or “petty”


While Portman once failed to take into account the times she was harassed or mistreated, she now is able to recognize these accounts in a different light. It is important for both woman and men to understand that no matter how small or minute your incident appears to be, an act of sexual harassment should always be taken seriously.

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In an effort to combat this issue, all cases need to be handled as though no one case is more serious than another.