Sandoval, NM– The National Park Service is vowing to take action and protect after a report showed that sexual harassment is rampant in some regional parks.

The Grand Canyon Park was at the center of the federal investigation which found that women working in the park were subjected to unwanted sexual advances and face retaliation when they rebuffed those advances, the Washington Post reported. The investigation centered on 13 current and former employees who conducted river tours of the Grand Canyon and covered the span of 15 years.

The federal investigation detailed a number of troubling incidents in which male employees propositioned female employees for sexual relations. When the women rebuffed the advances, they were subjected to retaliation. One male employee allegedly left cans filled with feces outside a female coworker’s tent after she refused his sexual advances.

In another incident, a long-time employee of the GCRD was reprimanded for taking photos of female employee’s skirts. He was also accused of making lewd comments to female co-workers.

Federal investigators found 13 incidents in which Grand Canyon River District Employees were disciplined for inappropriate behavior. But the haphazard way complaints were handled was discouraging.  Some employees told investigators that complaints of sexual harassment at the Grand Canyon park were so mishandled that some employees refused to file a complaint.

The investigation also found that punishment for sexual harassment was inconsistent, and complaints were not properly investigated.

The Department of Interior’s Intermountain Region director, Sue Masica, told the Arizona Daily Star that her agency takes allegations of sexual harassment seriously, and ordered GCRD to improve their handling of sexual harassment complaints. Masica said her agency will create a comprehensive training program and will personally apologize to the victims identified in the 2014 investigation.

Unfortunately, the Department of the Interior and the GCRD aren’t the only employers in the U.S. to mishandle complaints of sexual harassment. Inconsistent punishment, botched investigations, and retaliation are common in New Mexico workplaces, and employees suffer as a consequence.

If you are the victim of sexual harassment and your employer is not taking steps to protect you from harassment or discrimination, USAttorneys recommends you speak with an attorney. One of our sexual harassment attorneys in Sandoval, New Mexico can explain the steps you need to take if you plan on filing a civil claim.

Sexual harassment is abusive behavior that can have a number of detrimental effects on the victim. Victims often endure anxiety and suffer from depression. Working in a hostile environment is also detrimental to the workplace as a whole. In many cases, sexual harassment forces a worker to quit or take a lesser paying job. That is why victims of sexual harassment may be entitled to compensation for their emotional distress and loss of wages. If you would like to recover compensation for the abuse you endure at work, contact a sexual harassment lawyer in New Mexico to work on your case.

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