Nebraska, Should subtle forms of sexual harassment be reported?

Whether an employee was touched inappropriately by their employer or co-worker or a sexual comment was made to them in private, the incident shouldn’t be left unaddressed. No matter how subtle an employee might think their employer’s behavior is, if it makes them uncomfortable and interferes with their job, the behavior needs to be recognized as being inappropriate so that it can stop. This can be done by simply letting the individual know the behavior is unwanted and should not continue on.

When should an employee report sexual harassment that occurs in the workplace?

Now, when it comes to reporting an employer or co-worker for sexual harassment, this should be done when the conduct is “sufficiently frequent or severe to create a hostile environment or result in a “tangible employment action,” such as hiring, firing, promotion, or demotion.” It is important to note that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) says that harassment is not a violation of federal law when it is “simple teasing, offhand comments, or isolated incident(s) that are not extremely serious.”

How can an employee tell if their employer is violating federal law?

If an employee is unsure as to whether the behavior that is being displayed by their employer or co-worker is a violation of federal law, they can contact a Nebraska sexual harassment lawyer. Most lawyers do offer free consultations so that an individual is able to determine if their legal help is needed or not. And if an employee believes the behavior they are being subjected to is considered unlawful, they too should contact a Nebraska sexual harassment attorney for legal advice.

Ways a Nebraska Sexual Harassment Attorney Can Help

One of the first things an attorney is going to do is determine if an employee was a victim of sexual harassment. This can be done by assessing the incidents that occurred in the workplace and the impact they had on the employee. For example, if an employer was constantly making unwanted sexual advances toward an employee which led to the employee quitting because the behavior made them feel so uncomfortable, an attorney may decide they have the grounds to file a civil lawsuit against the employer.

Because sexual harassment lawyers have a firm understanding of state and federal employment laws, they can easily determine when they are being violated. Therefore, if an employee would like the opportunity to discuss their incident with an attorney who can decide if they have a case against their employer and what it might be worth, they are encouraged to contact USAttorney.com. USAttorneys.com can assist an employee who works in Omaha, Lincoln, or any other city in Nebraska find and retain a lawyer in their city who is qualified to help them address their matter.

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