Doctors at a Long Island surgical center are now in the dock for alleged sexual harassment. 49 year old Jean Menghini, a physician assistant at Neurological Surgery PC, is suing its doctors and her bosses for an unspecified sum. According to a NY Daily News report, the plaintiff alleges in the lawsuit that the doctors, which included Dr. Ramin Rak, sexually harassed staffers and belittled them on several occasions.

When Menghini complained to her superiors about the behavior of some of the doctors and their degrading comments, she was fired from her job in March.

Sexual harassment and dangerous practices

According to the physician assistant, the NY based Neurological Surgery PC offers a hostile working environment that women ought not to be subjected to and accept as normal behavior. On one occasion when she objected to inappropriate comments about his daughter and her friends, the doctor retorted and said that Menghini would be a genius if her brains were as big as her breasts.

According to her New York sexual harassment attorneys, Menghini’s lawsuit filed in Nassau County Supreme Court cites several instances of sexual harassment and dangerous practices. She alleges that they often performed unnecessary procedures and resorted to extended breaks during surgeries.

Sexually explicit comments from senior doctor

In the lawsuit, Menghini also claims a surgeon performed an uncalled for procedure where he froze patients’ bone flaps just so that he could perform a separate procedure to reinsert the flaps. The concerned Dr. Ramin Rak, did not take kindly to her questioning and garnered the support of seniors at the Rockville Center headquarters of Neurological Surgery PC. Menghini also claims that Dr. Rak would ask her about her appetite for sex and even accused her of hitting on his wife.


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When questioned about these comments, the plaintiff states in the lawsuit that the doctor prodded her finger with a used needle, following which she was forced to seek emergency treatment. Her superiors tried to cover up for the incident by claiming it was an accident although Menghini had reason to think otherwise.

Doctor with medical malpractice record

Following her complaint, she was ordered to work with doctors who she claims turned out to be like their colleagues with equally discriminating behavior. She alleges in the lawsuit that Dr. Paolo Bolognese would use the ‘F’ word when he was frustrated and use terms like ‘f…. me in the ass’. Incidentally, the lawsuit claims that Dr. Bolognese has been sued for medical malpractice over 20 times.

On one occasion, Menghini alleges he left the operating room for an hour during a procedure. Further complaints did not lead to any positive results.

According to the lawsuit, Menghini was told she had to quit due to downsizing. However, she was refused her severance once NSPC learned that she had hired a lawyer. Incidentally, this is the second lawsuit against NSPC filed within a span of two months. An earlier NY Daily News report revealed that Hilda Mayer was belittled by her boss for having cancer and was given the pink slip when she complained. Mayer, a marketing rep and mother of two has slapped the CEO of NSPC, Dr. Micael Brisman with a lawsuit for openly mocking her for her condition.

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