Sexual harassment from the employer hindered the career of Sara Sommers and she had to seek professional treatment for the trauma and anxiety caused by his actions, according to a lawsuit filed by Sommers against her employer, Dr. Bruce Hamilton.

Sexual harassment attorney for Sommers filed a sexual harassment suit in Waco’s 414th State District Court for undisclosed damages against Dr. Hamilton, who is a neurosurgeon in Waco.

Constant harassment

Sommers said that she was recruited as an office administrator in May 2013 by the doctor after he saw her profile on the Baylor Master of Business Administration website. She was employed at the Baptist Health System in Alabama at that time.

After a month of hiring her, the doctor began to send her text messages that were an intrusion into her privacy, according to the lawsuit.  He started calling her “princess” and when she was attending a tennis tournament the next month, Dr. Hamilton sent her a text saying he missed her. According to the documents, the doctor asked her if she was having sex with a male friend she was visiting in Houston and encouraged her to do so.

Dr. Hamilton expressed a desire to have sex with her on several occasions, and would hug her many times in the office, the lawsuit alleges. He even said that he ran by her house although she was not living close to him and this made her start fearing him outside of the office. Sommers said that the harassment became unbearable in December during the Christmas party, when he gave sex toys to all his staff  and drew “Princess + Dr. Love” on her gift.

It just goes on and on with this doctor

The doctor had given vibrators to the staff, and asked them to take pictures of them using it and to show them to him, according to Sommers. During the party he asked Sommers to show him the skirt she was wearing and called it an easy access dress. After the party, he told Sommers that he was alone at his home, and that she should come over. Sommers decided to quit working for him after this incident, according to the lawsuit.

Sexual harassment attorney for Dr. Hamilton said that the allegations made by Sommers were false and they would prove that.

High ranking prison officials charged with sexual harassment

Sexual harassment attorney Laura Schauer Ives is representing five women who allege they were sexually harassed at the Central New Mexico Correctional Facility in Los Lunas by high ranking officials.


A sexually hostile working environment

A lawsuit will soon be filed against the officials, including the Warden, Robert Stewart. The officers are accused of grabbing women and exposing themselves, and were constantly harassed, humiliated, and had to work in a hostile environment, according to the lawsuit.

The officers have been placed on administrative leave while the matter is being investigated by the DOC, according to the DOC Secretary Gregg Marcantel who declined to comment on the lawsuit. According to Ives, this is one of the most hostile and sexually charged environments that she has ever heard about. Three of the five women who are plaintiffs in the lawsuit still work at the facility.