Sexual Harassment Lawyers and Attorneys in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Sexual Harassment Law

Nothing is worse than working hard at your job only to be met with a glass ceiling – unless it’s showing up to work only to have that sinking feeling because someone is sexually harassing you and creating a hostile work environment. If you feel as if you are being discriminated against or harassed because of your sex, that is illegal in the state of New Hampshire, and you do have resources to make it stop.

The New Hampshire Law Against Discrimination is a comprehensive law that prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on sex and sexual orientation; it covers both public and private employers with six or more workers on the payroll. As New Hampshire is one of the few states that specifically outlines the illegality of sexual harassment, you don’t have to put up with workplace harassment – there are resources available at both the state and federal levels.


What constitutes sexual harassment in New Hampshire?

Many behaviors constitute sexual harassment misconduct in New Hampshire. Harassment isn’t just about one single incident; to make a claim for sexual harassment there needs to be a series of harassing behavior that is systematic and pervasive enough to create a work environment that is both intimidating and sexually threatening. Legally, to claim sexual harassment, someone must be repeatedly making your work atmosphere hostile enough to interfere with your work performance and/or advancement.

Behaviors that are sexually harassing are things like making sexual innuendos, gender-biased jokes, touching someone without their consent, making derogatory comments or remarks and displaying sexually explicit material. If the misconduct is overt and repetitive, then you are being sexually harassed.

However, there are times when sexual harassment can just be a one-time incident. For instance, if a supervisor or someone with authority over your position makes a sexual advance and either explicitly or implicitly makes it known that your employment or the advancement of your status at work is dependent upon you acquiescing to their request, then that is grounds for you to file a claim of sexual harassment. Both a single and multiple requests for sexual favors that dictate your ability to advance, or sometimes to secure your position, is legally called a “quid pro quo” sexual harassment case.


How to make the sexual harassment stop

If you are in a position where someone is making your workplace hostile in New Hampshire, then you do have many resources at the state and federal levels to make it stop. The first step is to let both the harasser and your employer know that you are being sexually harassed and demand that the misconduct must stop. There are likely procedures that need to be followed at your place of business, and if the harassment doesn’t end, or you end up seeking damages in a court of law, you will want to be sure to follow those procedures.

If you are in fear of retaliation or just want to ensure that you can prove your case should you need to, it is imperative to get a New Hampshire sexual harassment lawyer involved to handle your case.

If your employer refuses to address the situation or does nothing to intervene and the behavior continues, then you might need to have your New Hampshire sexual harassment attorney escalate the case to court, either at the state or federal levels. If you can’t get a resolution through work, the next thing to do is to file a sexual harassment claim through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. You can initiate a case in federal court according to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


What if I incur damages due to sexual harassment?

If you incur damages as a victim of sexual harassment, then you can sue your employer for both compensatory and punitive damages. To prove your case, you will have to show that not only was your boss aware of the sexual harassment, but also that they did nothing to make it better. If you suffer due to sexual harassment in the workplace, the best way to ensure that it stops and you can return to a safe work environment is to start by consulting; Here you can easily find an experienced New Hampshire sexual harassment lawyer who can tell you what your rights are and how to proceed with your sexual harassment case.