New York, NY– The police chief of Mendham Township on New Jersey filed a lawsuit last week, alleging he has been subjected sexual harassment for the past couple years.

The Mendham Patch reports Police Chief Steven Crawford sent notice to the city informing them that he plans to pursue a sexual harassment suit against the township, accusing appointed and elected officials and other coworkers of subjecting him to abuse.

Crawford alleges that beginning in 2012, officials and coworkers subjected him to a range of harassment including comments about the size of his genitalia, questions and jokes about his sexual orientation, and discussions about his personal life. He also alleges the defendants maligned his reputation and questioned his morality.

He also alleges the workplace became hostile last year when he held a press conference to damage control over a profiling controversy.

According the Daily Record, Crawford claims in his suit that three officials, Township Committee members Samuel Tolley and Maribeth Thomas, and former Committeeman Richard Merkt, entered into an agreement to do whatever they could to damage Crawford’s reputation. He claims that the three officials retaliated against him for a prior claim by a young officer who alleged Crawford encouraged him to target young drivers for traffic tickets.

Crawford’s filing last week is just the beginning stages of a sexual harassment claim. He will have to wait six month to file his official claim. Each state has different process for filing sexual harassment complaints and other workplace discrimination complaints. That is why victims of sex discrimination should retain a sexual harassment attorney in their area to assist them with their claim.

Being a police officer is a high pressure job, so officers need some way to blow off steam. That need is often met via inappropriate and sexually-charged jokes and comments. It may seem like innocent banter between coworkers but things can escalate and such talk can make a person feel uncomfortable especially if they are target of the racy comments and discussions. Such comments can feel abusive, leaving the victim feeling humiliated and embarrassed.

Employees shouldn’t have to take any abusive behavior in the workplace and their employers should be taking steps to protect them. If an employer decides to do nothing or dismisses and person’s complaints, USAttorneys urges an employee to contact a sexual harassment attorney near them for the help they need. You have rights and if your employer won’t stand up for them, an employment law attorney will.

When you retain a sexual harassment attorney in New York, you know someone is on your side and will go the extra mile to ensure your case is successful. With legal support, you end your harassment and obtain compensation for your loss of wages, retaliation and emotional distress. To get peace of mind allow us to help you get in touch with a dedicated and tenacious sexual harassment attorney to speak for you and get you the compensation you deserve.