New Jersey Transit Sued for Sexual Harassment

Anyone can experience sexual harassment at the workplace – even police officers. The New Jersey Transit system is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit, but the plaintiffs are not commuters. Instead, they are police officers who allege that they were sexually harassed while working on the transit system. Claims of sexual harassment should be taken seriously, no matter who is making the accusations. Only by viewing everyone equally can we pursue meaningful justice.

If you have experienced sexual harassment in your workplace, you have every right to come forward, take legal action, and hold guilty parties accountable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student, a police officer, a military officer, a tenant, or a worker. Everyone deserves to be heard, and the justice system will protect you if you come forward. In addition, there are many sexual harassment attorneys in New Jersey who are ready and waiting to assist you. With help from these legal professionals, you can pursue a positive legal outcome and receive a substantial settlement for your damages.

Five Officers Sue New Jersey Transit System

On September 2nd, it was reported that five NJ Transit police officers were suing the government agency for sexual harassment. They also sued a retired sergeant who formerly worked with them in the transit police. The officers claims that this sergeant sent them unwanted pornographic material, and they also claim that he asked a female officer what kind of underwear she was wearing. Even during work meetings, this individual steered the conversation towards topics of a sexual nature, these officers allege.

The Complaints Went Unnoticed

Although these five officers reported this misconduct several times, it seems as though their reports fell on deaf ears. Nothing was done to deter these acts of sexual harassment, and they continued for years. One of the attorneys representing the officers claimed that the toxic culture within NJ Transit operates within a bubble, and for some reason, much lower standards are accepted compared to other law enforcement agencies in the state.

This is Just One of Many Lawsuits Faced by NJ Transit

The lawsuits against NJ Transit seem to keep coming. Earlier this year, seven female employees came forward, accusing their supervisors of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and stalking. The defendant accused by these five officers had been investigated on two previous occasions in 2007. Anonymous letters have made even more serious claims about this particular sergeant. Although NJ Transit officials have stated that they take this matter seriously, outside observers have come to the conclusion that the agency simply allows this misconduct to continue.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the New Jersey area for a qualified, experienced attorney who can help with your sexual harassment lawsuit, there are plenty of options available. These legal professionals are committed to fighting for your rights as an employee, and they can ensure that negligent parties experience consequences for their misconduct. Book your consultation today, and you can start working towards a positive legal outcome right away.

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